V-charge: the future of parking


Feast your eyes on this. A look into the future of parking. No hands, just fingertips. A consortium of forward-thinking organisations have combined their brainpower to deliver this fully automated parking and retrieval system.

It’s called V-charge and it’s coming soon to a Volkswagen near you.

V-charge is all about meeting mobilisation needs for the future. Efficient utilisation of time, space and energy must be the key considerations of any fully operational future car system, and the V-charge does just that. The current objective is to develop a smart car system that allows for driving in designated areas, however the final goal (to be reached within four years) is to implement this type of autonomous transportation on a local level.

Let’s have a quick look how the V-charge addresses the above considerations:

  • Time: V-charge offers not only automated parking, but also car retrieval, tap your screen as you’re leaving your desk and your car is ready and waiting as you walk out the door.
  • Space: An ever shrinking commodity, no drivers means no pathways, no pedestrian niceties (lighting, ventilation, decorative murals) and smaller parking spaces - robots are way better than us at parking. All in all, parking facilities will increase capacity and require less square footage.
  • Energy: Letting it all happen automatically – and electrically drastically reduces the CO2 emissions. Sensors, systems, and cameras provide energy efficient routes and manoeuvres ensuring that the car is operating effectively and sustainably at all times.

Have a look at this video for a more in-depth peek at the V-charge, and click here for more information about the project. Shame we’ve still got to do the clicking, huh…