Working 9-5… From Home

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2020 started off well but now we find ourselves in unprecedented territory. With the current climate as it is, many of us will find our traditional working practices changing. Let’s talk specifically about how we can survive working from home.

The concept of working from home is not new, as many modern professionals are now granted this luxury but for most, this was not meant to be a permanent option nor was it necessarily wanted. How many of you have already been driven mad by the kids, by the sudden change in environment or even by the constant presence of your partner who now also finds themself stuck at home?

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Tips have been appearing left right and centre via many mediums and we've compiled some of our favourites. 

Pretend You're Going Into the Office!

Get up on time and keep your usual routine to ensure you're ready for a busy day in the office. Staying in your PJs all day might sound like a great idea, but this won’t put you in the right mindset for work.

If Possible, Create Yourself a Real “Office” Space

Your kitchen table, the best place for friends and family to chill over a glass of wine, is not necessarily the best place for a productive work session. Of course, if it has to be the kitchen table then it might be wise to leave the wine alone...

Work When You’re at Your Most Productive

Everyone’s boss wants to see a productive workforce, they don’t necessarily care when this may be happening. If you have a deadline to meet in a week’s time then meet it, whether you work from 3am in the morning or the standard 9-5, who cares if you get the job done?

Take Breaks

In the office you’ll usually do this with some social interaction from your colleagues. You still need some breaks when working from home so take the dog for a walk or take yourself for a walk – whatever you need to reset and refresh your brain - just get out of the house!

Don’t Get Left out of the Loop!

Self-isolation has been the key point for most governments right now. They want us all to stay inside where we are safe and away from everyone else. However, isolation can pose a challenge when working from home. Make sure to connect with your colleagues, have some online meetings so you don’t feel left out, trust us - it will help you stay productive! 

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If you’re currently working from home the temptation is always around to be distracted by many things; social media is calling, Netflix is calling, that cool video game is calling, your child needs you, your dog needs you, your pet mouse needs you... We’re all finding the best way to work right now, and everyone is in the same boat so you’re not alone! We, at Parking Network, wish everyone the best of luck with whatever challenges they are going through during these hard times, and we will see you all on the other, less virus ridden, side!