First secure the parking space, then buy the car

First secure the parking space, then buy the car

In Beijing you soon need to have a parking spot secured before you buy the car. What? Yes, that’s right: plans a new law requires that the buyer of the car can show a proof that he has a parking space before he can purchase the vehicle.

The law was proposed as early as 2010, as the city is struggling with congestion and pollution. The new law is aimed to be introduced in 2016. Beijing would be the first city in China to have this rule.

But how would this rule affect the future? Would it really help to solve the pollution- and congestion problem, or will it only make the parking costs go up? What will happen when a young adult passed his driving test, but there are no parking spaces left?

Parking has been a problem in Beijing for a while now. As offices and shopping centres rise up in the city centre, the traffic flow grows. There are more people who want to park their car in the centre as there are parking spaces with illegal parking as immediate effect.

Chinese people on online forums are going crazy and there seems to be a lot of negativity towards the proposed law. Do you think this law is a good idea?