Construction of the world’s largest bicycle parking facility has started!

world’s largest bicycle parking in Utrecht, NL - via

The construction of the world’s largest bike parking facility started yesterday in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The underground parking facility will be located below the central train station and will have room for up to 12.500 bicycles. They expect the first part of the parking garage to open in 2016, the entire facility should be ready in 2018.

The parking facility is commissioned by the City. Most of the bicycle parkings in the City of Utrecht are free of charge for the first 24 hours.

Eric Suik from the City of Utrecht says that they’re not sure yet whether or not this parking facility will also be free of charge. If they charge cyclist to park their bike, they will probable just park it outside and not use the parking facility. But on the other hand, construction has to be paid for in some way.

world’s largest bicycle parking


The parking facility will have 3 floors. Eventually the City hopes that all the bikes are out of the streets and squares and into bicycle parking facilities, giving the city a cleaner look.


world’s largest bicycle parking


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