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We Make Parking Tech for People That Make Decisions

Designed to Give You a Bird's-Eye View of Your Parking Lot Operations All in the Palm of Your Hand.

Computer monitor displays orange ParkHub banner and a dashboard with a series of graphs     Mobile POS unit with debit/credit card

ParkHub provides software and hardware services for the parking industry. The products offer multiple payment options, real-time reporting of parking revenue, support for dynamic pricing, and insight into inventory availability and control. ParkHub’s technology seamlessly integrates with some of the nation’s renowned parking and ticketing solutions.

Introduction to ParkHub - Interview from NPA Convention & Expo 2019

Simplify Parking Operations

Effective parking is easier with the right tools. Accept all payments and passes, speed up ingress, and track every transaction as it happens.

ParkHub's mPOS streamlines operations and keeps customers on the move while tracking every transaction.

Trust Your Parking Data

Oversee inventory, revenue, and attendant performance in real time. Manage your operation confidently with accurate, actionable data.

ParkHub's cutting-edge business intelligence tools make parking management effortless, everywhere you are and on any device.

Solutions for Parking Operators

Close up of man typing e-mail on laptop.Leverage ParkHub’s products to take your operations to the next level with easier reporting, tighter controls, more efficient operations, and a fatter bottom line. Grow your business faster and impress your existing clients.

Solutions for Event Centers

Sports stadium with pitch and stands full of cheering crowdsFrom local music venues to the Super Bowl, ParkHub delivers real results that count – at any scale. Accept credit cards, validate parking passes, track cash, manage inventory, and report on all of this data in real time, so everyone is in sync. 

Solutions for Universities

Man and woman strolling together on a university campus, trees and building on either side of pavementTransform the parking experience for everyone on campus. ParkHub’s suite of tools helps universities better manage their parking inventory and handle the influx on event days, whether it’s for athletic events or on-campus occasions. 

Solutions for State and National Parks

Woman, man and two children in hiking clothes hold hands as they look out at a mountainous viewYour guests come to escape technology, but your business depends on it. ParkHub’s LTE-based mobile point-of-sale tracks and accepts payments even when it’s offline, which means you’ll never miss a sale due to poor network connectivity.

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Headquarters location 620 Exposition Avenue
Texas 75226
United States
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George Baker Sr

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Logo of AT&T StadiumAT&T Stadium

ParkHub's mPOS helped AT&T increase their fan satisfaction score related to parking from 50% in 2014 to 86% in 2015. Parking revenue increased over $911,500 from fiscal year ending in March 2017 The stadium saw a 700% ROI in parking revenue for fiscal year ending March 2017. Read the AT&T Stadium Case Study.




American Airlines Center Logo American Airlines Center

ParkHub's point of sale system Prime, increased average revenue per parking transaction up to 73%. Total parking revenue experienced a 48% lift due to optimization. And ParkHub created a new revenue channel that generated almost 25,000 transactions. Read the Americal Airlines Center Case Study.




B&BT Pavilion LogoBB&T Pavilion

Customer parking wait time was reduced from 45-60 minutes to under 30 minutes. Post-event customer surveys showed an increase in positive ratings from 55% to 82%. Cash slippage was reduced using Portal and Prime’s inventory and cash tracking systems. Faster parking resulted in faster building ingress, which translated into a $750,000 increase in concession sales in just 4 months. Read the BB&T Case Study.


  • Access Control
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Event Parking Services
  • Mobile Parking System
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Parking Data
  • Parking Data Inventory
  • Parking Software
  • Reservation / Pre-Booking Systems
  • Software for Parking Management
  • Ticketing
  • Universities Parking Systems

Product information

mPOS - A Parking POS System

ParkHub’s mPOS streamlines operations and keeps customers on the move while tracking every transaction.

Handheld point of sale device like a smart phone displaying coloured boxes with prices

Impress Your Customers

With ParkHub’s mobile point-of-sale at the front line of your operations, you can ensure a great experience starts in the parking lot. Minimize wait times and lines with swift payment processing and pass validation.

  • Accept any form of payment including mobile payments.
  • Keep traffic flowing with a less than 7-second processing time.
  • Easily integrate with major ticketing systems and prepaid parking providers for a streamlined customer journey.

Secure Your Operations

ParkHub’s technology is reliable, easy-to-use, and secure; seamlessly aiding processes and allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

  • Intuitive interface reduces time spent training attendants.
  • Keep running regardless of the network connectivity.
  • Bolster your operations with PCI-compliant payment processing.

Revenue In Your Control

Take control of your revenue and depend on accurate data to bring your operations to the next level.

  • Track every transaction with real-time reporting.
  • Deter slippage and the use of invalid or duplicate passes.
  • Make informed decisions with valuable operational data.

Real-Time Parking Data

ParkHub's Business Intelligence suite makes parking management effortless, everywhere you are and on any device.

Computer monitor displaying several graphs

Streamlined Data

Tap into real-time data for timely insights on your operations. ParkHub empowers you to react promptly when there’s a rush.

  • Monitor lot activity, transactions, and attendant performance during peak operations.
  • Increase profit with real-time inventory and dynamic pricing.
  • Base business decisions on what’s happening, not what happened.

Clean Reports

Easily store and segment operational statistics. ParkHub’s customizable reporting tools help you track the data points that mean most to your business.

  • Compare performance between lots, attendants, and payment types
  • Track trends over time to streamline processes.
  • Visualize data and produce clear, easy-to-read reports.

Revenue Insights

Employ data to improve your operations and track every success. Measured methods lead to proven results.

  • Automate processes to save time and cost.
  • Understand customer acquisition and arrival to increase satisfaction.
  • Maximize the potential of your assets to drive revenue.

Parking API

Optimize revenue and data with ParkHub's fully integrated system.

Sell More: Your Inventory Everywhere

Parking needs to be seen more to sell more but managing inventory on multiple applications is time-consuming and imprecise.

  • Access an omnichannel solution that amplifies reach.
  • Distributes inventory directly to demand, rather than by way of assumption.
  • With just one account, your assets, availability, and pricing are pushed to every channel automatically.

Search Less

Gather live information on the true state of your parking operations, enabling you to make optimal decisions.

  • Serve up real-time inventory and information to your users.
  • Boost sales by increasing the amount of inventory available to your users.
  • Drive user experience with accurate, consolidated data.

One Network

Wherever people need to know something about parking, ParkHub’s API can feed the experience.

  • Parking reservation and mapping applications.
  • Public transit platforms.
  • Corporate campuses, universities and smart cities.

ParkHub Care

With ParkHub's comprehensive care plan you are protected from unexpected damage and delays.

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