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Company information

i+D3 is a technological systems company with more than 10 years developing control software and hardware to offer complete solutions.

Smartphone apps in our centralized systems, with our creativity and experience allow us to offer innovative and flexible solutions, adaptable to all markets. Parking control, access control, mobility and traffic control.

What do we do?

We are known for offering personalized and flexible technology systems, with open protocols able to adapt to different requirements. Our systems consist of two key elements: technological hardware and software. Both go hand in hand for optimal performance. We develop management and control technological systems for different areas, such as parking, access control, traffic control or security management.

  • Parking
  • Security
  • Access Control
  • Mobility
  • Traffic

Parking systems

i+D3 have multiple parking lot solutions focused on the complete control and management. Take a look to the i+d3 machines.

  • 3Park. Car park control and management systems, that includes all the software and equipment that your car park needs: Automatic barriers, ATMs, ticket reader and dispensers, etc.
  • 3LPR. License plate recognition system for optimal vehicle access control in the entry and exit of the car park.
  • 3ParkOnline. Online services to improve your car park visibility and control. It includes and app, for access via phone, a booking webpage, to get new and more users via online, and a online control dashboard, to control everything that happens in your car park anywhere.
  • 3PGS. Parking guidance system, that allows you to control the occupation of spaces in the parking lot and increase vehicle rotation through rapid detection and signaling available spaces.

Company information

Headquarters location Camiño Cruceiro nº14 (Castrelos)
Pontevedra 36213
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