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Park IT, 32 Elmdon Trading Estate, Marston Green, Birmingham, B37 7HE

West Midland B37 7HE


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Birmingham , West Midland



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We’re dedicated to providing a global parking solution that empowers operators and gives confidence to their customers. 


Park-IT Kiosks

  • Fully automated check in/out and key collection allows customers complete control of their experience
  • Main and additional screens provide opportunities for upselling add-on services such as valeting or ‘meet & greet’
  • Kiosks can be operated unmanned to reduce staff costs, or used in conjunction with staff for premium customer service


Check In / Check Out

  • Kiosks are installed with chip & pin, coin dispensers and banknote recognition systems, giving customers the choice of how to pay
  • The kiosks feature user-friendly touchscreens, providing a simple process that improves the customer experience
  • Park IT’s fully automated process is proven to reduce both check in/out time and queues


Bus Bolt On

  • Airport bus transfer services can be integrated with Park IT’s core system
  • Bus tickets can be printed at self-service kiosks as part of the check in process and are validated on board the bus
  • Integration with the app allows you to see how many passengers use the bus service and track journeys


Car Location

  • When a car needs to be moved, the attendant receives an alert to their device – allowing them to get to the task right away
  • Staff can check the location of any vehicle on their mobile device at any time, speeding up operations and improving customer service


Staff Tracking

  • Knowing where your employees are at any time means that you can allocate tasks more efficiently
  • Tracking software helps you monitor staff coverage – across your full site or in specific areas
  • Better organisation of your employees helps your monitor performance, creates efficiency and improves job satisfaction


Staff Movements

  • Improve team management with Park IT's tracking software
  • A simple way to track the productivity of your staff and see where each team member is located on your site
  • Clearer oversight means better communication, a more efficient team and greater job satisfaction


Block Parking

  • Park IT car parks use an innovative block parking system, increasing capacity – and therefore profits
  • Live tracking of vehicle movements means the system always knows which areas are at capacity and can allocate space accordingly
  • Automated allocation of parking spaces improves the ease of customer collection and makes the job easier for your staff



  • Each booking receipt features a barcode, allowing customers to simply scan & locate their car using self-service kiosks
  • This automated process helps minimise delay or confusion when informing customers of their car location
  • And it makes the whole checking out process simpler and more efficient for you and your customers



Company information

Headquarters location Park IT, 32 Elmdon Trading Estate, Marston Green, Birmingham, B37 7HE
West Midland B37 7HE
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