Kiwi Parking

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112 Greenpark Road, Penrose

Auckland 1061


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112 Greenpark Road, Penrose

Auckland , Auckland 1061

New Zealand


Tel 0800 002 710

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Kiwi Parking is a smartphone application-based parking solution that focuses on comprising the perfect solution to best fit the client’s needs, whilst maximising the potential value in car parking assets for business owners and landlords. Our state of the art application allows you to search for parking, find availability, pay for parking, and extend parking sessions autonomously through the same application platform. Kiwi Parking sees that technology is the future in car parking solutions, whilst incorporating the internet of things into everyday operations.

Our fast-growing portfolio of car parking throughout Auckland brings superior stock with competitive pricing, and a unique user-friendly experience. Kiwi Parking works along side of some of the nations largest commercial and residential property developers, whilst working closely with international corporate entities. The Kiwi Parking applications allows business owners and landlords to list their parking through our solution to generate the highest levels of value from all parking assets.

Our unique platform gives a state of the art back end to corporate clients enabling them to control their staff and client parking with an efficient and stress-free system. We prioritise and pride ourselves on providing the best industry knowledge with the finest industry technology and solutions to gain the most out of your property.

Company information

Headquarters location 112 Greenpark Road, Penrose
Auckland 1061
New Zealand
Some facts
Founded in
Founded by

Craig Burrows.

Supported by David Van Dam, Joshua Baker, Dane Norton, Francis Hamilton and Matthew Bodger

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