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AJ building, 9,Jeongui-ro 8-gil, Songpa-gu


Republic of Korea


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We are the only company that owns a large-scale parking system manufacturing factory (in Geochang) and that is credited for our technology, occupying the 1st rank in market share in Korea automated car parking system for 5 consecutive years based on 30 years of know-how in parking system manufacture.

In addition, we are a specialized automated car parking system company leading Korea’s parking system industry such as acquiring an ISO certificate, being awarded Korea innovation grand prize (on the automated car parking system), and designated as a smart factory due to continuous innovation and technical development and we are providing the high-quality products and supporting installation and maintenance for customer satisfaction.

The most important factors for the mechanical parking system are production, installation, and service. We have completed 150 overseas projects in about 30 countries based on these three important factors.

We promise that we will make our best effort for the highest satisfaction of our customers.

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Company information

Headquarters location AJ building, 9,Jeongui-ro 8-gil, Songpa-gu
Republic of Korea
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100 employees / 150 overseas projects

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Gwangju Bank HQ

Hanoi Aqua Central



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  • Automated Parking
  • Cart Parking System
  • Multi-layer Circulation Parking System
  • Parking Equipment
  • Puzzle Parking System
  • Rotary Parking System
  • Tower Parking System

Product information

Tower Type

At the entrance of the system, your car is loaded onto a steel pallet which is moved by lifting the cage vertically through the elevator rail. The system has the fastest car entry and retrieval speed and it is suitable for medium and large-sized buildings or parking towers.

Tower-type parking systems are classified into top loading model, middle loading model, and bottom loading model according to the position of the entrance location and they are also segmented into stand-alone type and building built-in type depending on the supporting structure.

Cart Type

This automated system carries cars simultaneously in multiple directions horizontally and vertically through elevators and cart rails. Based on each project site condition, the cart type can accommodate a vast number of cars (up to thousands). The speed of car entry and retrieval does not exceed a few minutes. Partial errors do not have any effect on the other parts or the operation of the system, making the system recommendable for wider and larger-scale buildings.

Multi-Layer Circulation

When a vehicle is entering into a parking section designed on multiple floors, the lift in both end portions is elevating the pallet vertically and circulates it horizontally to park the vehicle. Multi-layer circulation is highly space-efficient, which is recommended for small and medium buildings. It divides into upper entrance type and direct entrance type by position of entrance and exit.

Rotary Type

It is designed that the vehicle enters the parking cage, which then circulations from side to side vertically to park the vehicle. It is easy to install in a small area and has fewer faults due to simple circle circulation. Its usage is very simple and the driver could directly control it. Therefore, it does not need to have an additional janitor.

It is also easy to move and reinstall the parking facility, and its efficiency compared with the small area are very high.