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Imagine the future: billions of things are connected to the web, and artificial intelligence is more powerful than ever. At Azena, we strive to use these technologies to make the world more secure.

That’s why we are launching our open IoT platform for security cameras. Together with our manufacturing, app development, and integrator partners, we will shape the future of security. Our ecosystem complies with rules and ethical guidelines to ensure data privacy – so users and the general public can trust it.

Azena is a fully owned but independent Bosch start-up headquartered in Munich, Germany. We are cooperating closely with the Open Security and Safety Alliance which was founded in 2018.

No one can guarantee security on their own; it’s something that you have to achieve through cooperation. That’s our approach.

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Headquarters location Sendlinger Str. 7
BY 80331
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  • Car Park Security
  • Enforcement
  • IoT Technologies
  • Mobile Apps
  • Parking Application
  • Security and Surveillance

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Discover our Application Store

Install cutting-edge apps to transform what you can do with cameras. Our pioneering Application Store features groundbreaking apps of all kinds. With more added all the time.

   Analyze Flow to Improve Traffic

Improve traffic by detecting unauthorized parking, analyzing flow, use license plate recognition to detect specific vehicles. Find apps.

Find the Perfect Camera for Your Set-up

Which camera is right for you? Choose from all major form factors running our OS, including dome, bullet, PTZ and box cameras.

Manage Your Devices and Apps from Anywhere

Use our flexible platform for online and local camera systems. Completely independent of your network.

Device Management Portal -for Online Camera Systems

Manage all your cameras and apps through our easy-to-use online portal. Save yourself time and costs by updating your entire camera system online. Reduce time-consuming site visits.

Device Management Tool - for Local Camera Networks

Use our Windows client tool to manage all your apps through local networks. You can use this for online and local camera systems – independent of your network.

Integrate the S&ST Platform Into Your Existing Environment

Stick with the manufacturer tools you’re used to when you’re deploying your cameras. Benefit from our integration with all major VMS systems through ONVIF or proprietary integrations.

Consume Meta Data Shared by Apps

Apps running on the S&ST OS can share valuable meta-data such as bounding boxes and analytics data which you can consume on other systems and apps.

Develop and Sell Own Apps at Ease

Want to develop your own app? Our platform also supports app developers. Visit our app developer page.

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