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Ballast Nedam Parking is a fully owned operating company of the Dutch Civil Engineering and General Building Contractor Ballast Nedam N.V., a renowned Dutch listed company, offering an extensive package of construction-related products and services. The company, established in 1877, ranks among the top-five Dutch construction groups. Ballast Nedam aims to set itself apart by undertaking high-profile construction projects, based on a high degree of knowledge and expertise. At all levels in the organization, commitment, quality, expertise, reliability, and flexibility vis-a-vis the client are the key.

High-Quality Parking Expertise, Brought Together in a Highly Motivated Team

When it comes to parking solutions we are specialists. We design and build smart car parks, tailored to the client’s specific requirements. We operate in the Netherlands and, increasingly, internationally. With a strong portfolio of demonstrably successful projects, we enjoy a unique position in this niche market.

We form part of Ballast Nedam, enabling us to draw on extensive expertise and experience in construction and infrastructure. Within our own team, we have been combining a broad range of innovative ideas in the field of parking for years. And with great success, as the feedback from our customers demonstrates.

As part of our expertise, we do not just monitor all the relevant developments in the market and society – we also initiate them. For example, we have developed a concept for modular, reusable parking garages. A significant step in working towards greater sustainability and cost-efficiency.
We are internationally acclaimed for the high-quality solutions we have developed in our demanding home market and are now bringing abroad. Solutions are also of global interest for use in environments with special requirements, such as airports, shopping malls, and hospitals.


In September 2015 Renaissance Infrastructure B.V. made a recommended public offer on all Ballast Nedam shares. The offer was concluded successfully in 2016, making Renaissance the main shareholder. As of 26 February, 2016 Ballast Nedam is delisted.

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Headquarters location Straatweg 29a
3603 CV Maarsse, Utrecht
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  • Architectural Supplies
  • Bicycles Parking / Storage
  • Booths / Shelters
  • Concrete Construction & Repair
  • Design / Build
  • Facility Management
  • Fencing
  • Garage Construction
  • Modular car parks
  • Parking Structure Design
  • Paving
  • Waterproofing

Product information

The activities of Ballast Nedam (Holding) are divided into six clusters of companies. We are a business unit from the Ballast Nedam Holding There is also the in-house design and engineering bureau, which functions as the technical heart of the business. The principal activities are civil engineering, development, and construction of houses and other buildings and production and supply of construction material Ballast Nedam Parking design and construct all kinds of parking facilities, both above and underground. These facilities are distinguished by user-friendliness and social safety, efficient management by specific development, realistic exploitation chances, modern execution techniques and efficient construction times.


ModuPark®: a complete car park made from prefabricated elements 
Fast, flexible, affordable and reusable

Modupark® is a user-friendly car park built from steel and concrete prefab elements. We can use it to build an entire car park within three months, enabling you to create parking capacity (including temporary parking capacity) quickly and affordably. The robust construction and basic functionality come as a minimum. The rest – form, capacity, aesthetics – is up to you. And once the car park is no longer required, we will completely disassemble it, in order to reuse it somewhere else.


We build the ModuPark® car park using prefabricated steel and concrete elements in a sophisticated, robust construction. Any shape, capacity or aesthetic is possible. Rectangular, square, an L or U shape. With many or only a few parking spaces. From one to six levels, and even higher if required. With high-end or basic facade cladding. For permanent use or for a limited period of time. And financially, too, you have a choice of different options: you can rent, lease or buy, and enter into a buyback arrangement. If you like, we will even help with the operational side. Everything is possible.

Safe and Convenient

Our ModuPark® solution offers a user-friendly, safe parking garage. With a ramp and one-way traffic which turns counter-clockwise, the driver has optimal sightlines. We use large spans so that columns do not get in the way or obstruct a driver’s field of vision. This enables drivers to find their way around the car park conveniently, and park easily in their spot without risking damaging their doors on columns. A robust, practical solution.

Quick Construction and Disassembly

The car park can be fully operational in just three months, including foundations, construction, and completed installation. This enables you to solve your parking problem in the blink of an eye, and limit any nuisance caused by the construction works to a minimum. Disassembly is even faster. We will leave your construction site clean and tidy as if nothing had ever been there. We disassemble the car park piece by piece, as everything – from prefab panels to nuts and bolts – is fully reusable. While you may only make temporary use of the car park, its lifespan is much longer. It does not get much more sustainable than that.

Highly Affordable

The construction is tried and tested; a minimum in terms of design and engineering is required.
The construction period is short and the use of manpower and materials is kept to a minimum.
All the elements are reusable and retain a high residual value.

The Features of ModuPark®

  • Steel and concrete prefabricated elements
  • Ready in just a few months
  • Available for any capacity, and with any form or aesthetic
  • Competitively priced
  • Available to buy, lease or rent
  • Fully dismountable and reusable

The Greenest Transferium of the Netherlands in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

It will be completely green from the outside and It has 1500 solar panels on the roof.
In the end, this transferium will be energy neutral and energy supplying.

This transferium will also be a transport hub and will give place to 1100 cars and 260 bicycles.
Also, it will have charging bays for public transport.

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