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E-Parktower – Making Optimum Use of Parking Space

The E-Parktower is one of the most innovative parking solutions which features proven technology and design that allows 4 times the car parking capability. Our parking solutions include and are not limited to company-owned, public, or private spaces that seek help maximizing existing parking lots, or parking structure designs from any range to small, medium, or large. Our company designs and installs unique tier parking systems while guaranteeing the professional assistance of our qualified personnel. Invest in the future of tomorrow!

Maximize Your Parking By 4x – lots of room for ideas!

Space is becoming increasingly valuable. Instead of sacrificing valuable space for huge car parks, E-Parktower offers a unique solution to your space problem and is significantly more efficient than multi-story car parks or underground garages. This allows you to make the best use of the available space.

The E-Parktower remains mobile and can be flexibly relocated or extended. In addition, the E-Parktower offers digital advertising space, protection against theft and vandalism, and charging points for electric vehicles.

The E-Parktower offers particularly advanced solutions such as a parking space reservation option, a billing system tailored to you, a photovoltaic system with battery storage, and automatic license plate recognition.


Company information

Headquarters location Annabergstr 67
45721 Haltern am See
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  • Automated Parking Solutions
  • Automated Parking System
  • Automatic Car Storage
  • Bicycles Parking / Storage
  • Car Parking Lift
  • Car Stacker
  • Car Storage System
  • EV Charging Platform
  • Green parking
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Multi-Storey Car Park
  • Parking systems for EV chargers
  • Space Optimization
  • Stack Parking System
  • Stacked Parking Solutions