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Easy Parking is a leader in offering innovative parking management, brilliant customer service, and generous hospitality. Our experts promise flexibility, reliability, and sustainability developed through years of excellence.

As a global specialist in smart car parking operations, we serve airports, malls, universities, offices, hotels, municipal on-street, and off-street parking, and many more parking facilities. Our company stands for accountability and sustainability benefiting from the global network of companies across GCC and Europe.

Interior of a Parking Garage

The foundation of our success is the way we blend technology solutions into our processes to make the functions more effective and efficient. Always marked by a culture of innovation, Easy Parking today prides itself on parking access, revenue management, and innovation in the industry. When it comes to professional traffic management, and local and international parking facilities, clients rely on Easy Parking's expertise.

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Headquarters location King Fahad Branch Road
11492 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia
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Recent projects

King Abdullah Financial District

Aerial view of King Abdullah Financial District at night

Located in the Al Aqeeq area of Riyadh, the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) is a thriving development spanning nearly 3 million m2. Besides accommodating 12,000 residents KAFD has 62,000 parking spaces. Easy Parking handles consultation, management, and operations for KAFD. Our highly trained staff handles daily operations ensuring that the parking policies are respected and the monitoring software is always updated.

Prince Sultan Military Medical City

Exterior of the Prince Sultan Military Medical City

Due to a large number of patients and visitors coming to Prince Sultan Military Medical City daily, Easy Parking planned careful parking solutions. The official policy is compliant with national laws and adjusted to meet the specific needs of a medical institution. Vehicle movement is controlled by special devices and monitored by advanced software. Operations are run efficiently by our experienced staff.

Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport

Exterior of the Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport

Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport caters to around 900,000 passengers simultaneously and has complex demands for parking. We believe that half of the success lies in smart planning so we surveyed the area and designated various spaces for specific purposes. Precise calculations allowed us to anticipate the load and create feasible plans. No matter how busy the airport gets, we manage everything admirably.


  • Advertising
  • Car Park Management Software
  • Car Park Management Systems
  • Consulting Services
  • Design / Build
  • Design Consultancy
  • Dynamic Signage
  • Enforcement Management Solution
  • Financial Services
  • Investments
  • LED-Signs
  • Modular car parks
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Parking Management
  • Parking Management Services
  • Parking Structure Design
  • Signs
  • Valet Parking Solutions
  • Way-finding Signs

Product information

Parking Management and Operations

Close up of a businessman sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop

Are you finding it difficult to deal with parking management in Saudi Arabia? Discuss your requirements with our experts at Easy Parking today! We are eager to analyze the issues of businesses concerning parking in great depth. When we pinpoint the exact issues in your parking facilities our experienced professionals draft suitable plans on your behalf.

Every client has a separate set of demands which we cater to with custom solutions. Our experts define clear objectives that are used to guide the planning process. Once you approve our plan we execute it perfectly according to your wishes.

Parking Maintenance and Cleaning Services

A cleaning cart in a parking garage

Easy parking provides comprehensive maintenance solutions along with successful operation and maintenance strategies.

  • Handles Breakdowns and emergencies in a professional way
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Periodic Inspections (Visual)

Cleaning Services

  • Clean the Parking Garage
  • Inspect Floor Drains and Lighting Fixtures
  • Clean Surface Parking Lots
  • Waste Management
  • Pest Control

Meticulous Enforcement

Enforcement officer in high-vis jacket leaves a parking notice on a windshield

When you place your trust in Easy Parking you may be assured that no laws will ever be violated under our supervision. Our company values include adherence to industry regulations, compliance with standards, and respect for social norms. Since our professionals have been working in their respective fields for years they are well aware of proper conduct.

Moreover, the regular training of staff that we carry out at Easy Parking ensures that everyone is updated about changes in relevant guidelines. As we remain dedicated to improving the standard of life in Saudi Arabia we are actively involved in community welfare.

Valet Parking

Give your visitors the royal treatment with the superior valet parking services in Saudi Arabia provided by Easy Parking. We present a complete array of features to ensure the highest quality that takes valet parking services to the next level. Our carefully trained valets have sufficient experience to resolve issues independently and consult their supervisors whenever necessary.

This produces a smoothly functioning sustainable setup that guarantees 100% satisfaction for you and your visitors. You are welcome to discuss your valet parking expectations with our experts. We are happy to accommodate your wishes into our efficient system for an unmatched experience.

Car Wash Services

Easy Parking offers a carwash service that is an eco-friendly and time-convenient system that can be operated by one person. Easy Parking will ensure to offer the best service when it comes to washing the cars of the customer that is parked in the parking lot

Quick Services - Car Maintenance

Quick-service vehicles will provide necessary facilities to parkers in distress from jump-starting a dead battery to changing flat types. It will also provide services for car wax and tire polish.

Car Parking Shades

Easy Parking provides a range of durable, premium-quality car parking shades for outdoor areas, with any customization required.

Digital Signage and Parking Advertisements

The use of digital signage within parking facilities can inform customers of parking-related information, display safety, and journey information, and provide timely and targeted promotional messages from nearby retailers or businesses.

Whether it’s providing clear directional signage in a multi-story car park, having standout signage in a poorly-lit underground parking facility, or a wayfinding system for a parking area.

Shuttle and Golf Cart Services

For transporting personnel and visitors from parking or drop-off and pick-up areas to the entrance of shopping malls, event venues, airports, etc.

Smart Parking Lock

We provide a GPRS-Based automatic remote control smart sharing parking lock. Remote control smart parking lock with state-of-the-art technology is designed for preventing your parking lock occupied by someone else and making your parking more convenient. The advantages of a smart parking lock over the other parking locks are long stand-by battery time, low electricity frequency, Cloud-based, etc. With a touch of your remote control lower your automatic parking lock or parking barrier to lay flat, allowing you to drive your vehicle into your parking space

Modular Pre-Manufactured Car Parks

A revolutionary structural car park solution (removable/reusable/modular) designed for the changing needs of transportation. It’s a pre-built and pre-sized construction system, for the installation of multi-story car parks without prior studies or preparatory work, in a perfectly controlled short period of time

Operation Control Center (OCC)

The Operations Control Center (OCC) is responsible for the daily supervision of the car parking operations and all its team units (scheduling, records) into a cohesive operational team. Centralized, locally, or remotely - you control and monitor your system according to your needs with less effort and lower costs. With this solution, you receive operational data in real time.

Visitor Parking Management

Easy Parking will provide professional visitor management for any special events, VIPs, and guests of honor. QR-coded parking tickets can be printed and shared with guests in advance to access the particular parking area to smooth the traffic and provide a token of respect.

Consultancy Services

Have you been struggling to find reliable parking consultants in Saudi Arabia? Easy Parking is proud to have the best parking experts in the entire country. Whether you have a small organization or a large corporation, we possess the knowledge to offer comprehensive parking consultations to you. Our highly qualified parking consultants have been growing their skills through training and courses for years. We believe in leading from the front which demands constant optimization of our services.

This is why Easy Parking is the most efficient in terms of parking management in Saudi Arabia. You may trust our parking consultants completely!

Parking Design and Development and Build-Operate-Transfer Projects

Easy Parking is fully equipped to take on build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects on your behalf related to parking facilities, traffic management, taxi operations, and more. We have a competent team of professionals who possess years of experience in their specialties. Easy Parking assesses your precise requirements for BOT projects before appointing suitable professionals to handle planning and execution in your stead.

You are welcome to discuss your list of demands for BOT projects with our experts before committing to us. Easy Parking professionals are happy to guide you through the entire process while explaining the highlights for your assurance.


Easy Parking is ready to finance and invest in any challenging car parking projects inside the kingdom and outside.

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