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Once upon a time

This is the start of many great stories, and some time in the future hopefully also for Fast Travel. Alas, Fast Travel hasn’t grown that old yet. Actually we were founded as a project within the norwegian company Rubynor in 2021.

Since then, we have developed both hardware and software at a record pace to keep up with the challenging environment of the taxi industry. We are happy to be able to innovate right along side our wonderful partners, customers and stakeholders to provide a better solution for all involved.

Stress less, manage more with a fully integrated ecosystem

  • Reduce customer complaints, system confusion and staff costs
  • Get access to real-time data on passenger traffic, waiting times, and other factors
  • Actively manage pricing, stay competitive and profitable easier with well designed tools
  • Lower carbon footprint through an organic switch to low- and no-emission vehicles
  • Self-service options for most of the actions, so you won’t be dependent on support services

We don’t have an app for that, we have the whole system

  • ORDERING MACHINES: Easy-to-use ordering machines guides the passengers
  • SOFTWARE: Custom software follows up with drivers
  • CHIP READERS: Our hardware follows each taxi throughout the journey
  • CAMERAS: Our hardware follows each taxi throughout the journey

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Headquarters location Bedriftsvegen 64
3735 Skien
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Ole Morten Amundsen

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  • Overview Cameras
  • Software Services
  • Traffic Control
  • Traffic counting solutions
  • Traffic Management

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What you get from us

is the traffic management system, carefully designed for airports and other high-traffic areas. To serve a comprehensive management, we utilize a modern tech stack including both hardware and software components.

Tested successfully with Oslo Lufthaven partnership.

01 Chip readers
By setting up active chip readers throughout our entire ecosystem, we are able to track individual vehicles through the flow. This also allows us to allow approved vehicles into restricted areas, with a fully customizable ruleset. The chips are installed by the driver into the vehicle upon registration, and has a lifespan of up to five years, really a install-and-forget piece of technology.

02 Cameras
To build the most robust system possible, we have built-in redundancies at critical junctions. Our system also contains high-end traffic cameras with advanced machine-learning algorithms integrated for licence plate recognition. This way, even if the chip reader should fail, we are still able to track vehicles efficiently throughout the ecosystem. The cameras work in any environment and in any weather condition, even in the arctic north!

03 Ordering machines
To ensure the best possible passenger experience, we have designed custom ordering machines with high-brightness 32” screens, running our custom ordering systems. The machines can be ordered in several colors and designs, to fit the already existing design patterns of the location. The steel chassis makes it durable, and all components are operational in temperatures as low as -30℃.

04 Software
Our fully custom software suite is tailored for the best possible experience for both passengers, drivers, permit owners and backoffice personnel. Since we control all aspects of the development, we are also easily able to integrate with other systems through a modern tech stack and APIs. Our main software components are:

  • a custom ordering system for passengers
  • separate driver- and permit owner space for self-service and information gathering
  • a fully fledged backend with integrations with external systems like accounting etc.