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Mladoboleslavská 1121 / Building 3

Prague , 197 00

Czech Republic


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GREEN Center company is the Czech biggest manufacturer and supplier of parking systems. Since the year 1992, we have been offering comprehensive solutions in the area of barrier parking systems. For more than 20 years, we have been working on the development and manufacture of parking systems that are characterized by high quality and reliability, long lifespan, affordability and unique design. Our manufacturing and development base allows us not only continuous improvement of our products but we are also able to react in a flexible way to all special customers‘ requirements.

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GREEN Center s.r.o.
Zenklova 1545/39
180 00 Praha 8 – Libeň
the Czech Republic

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Headquarters location Mladoboleslavská 1121 / Building 3
197 00 Prague
Czech Republic
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Recent projects


  • Oradea International Airport - Oradea, Romania (2020)
  • Airport Brno - Brno, Czech Republic (2020)
  • Macau International Airport – Macau, Macao (2015)

Shopping malls:

  • Zefir Mall - Baku, Azerbaijan (2020)
  • Dubai Marina Mall - Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2019)
  • Centrum Handlowe Serenada - Krakow, Poland (2018)

Office buildings, company headquarters, industrial areas:

  • ECO Plaza - Manilla, Philippines (2020)
  • Škoda Auto - Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic (2017)
  • Siemens - Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic (2016)

Medical facilities:

  • University Children Hospital - Krakow, Poland (2021)
  • Motol University hospital (upgrade) - Prague, Czech Republic (2021)
  • Golden Care elderly home - Naxxxar, Malta (2019)
  • Bon Secours Hospital - Tralee, Ireland (2019)
  • Zeisigwaldkliniken Bethanien Chemnitz - Chemnitz, Germany (2018)


  • Hotel InterContinental - Budapest, Hungary (2022)
  • Hotel Kempinsky - Budapest, Hungary (2019)
  • Courtyard by Marriott Bucharest - Bucharest, Romania (2019)
  • GreyFriars Hotel – Colchester, United Kingdom (2016)
  • Le Méridien Hamburg - Hamburg, Germany (2016)

Public car parks:

  • Putgarten - Rügen, Germany (2021)
  • Port of Volos and port of Igoumenitsa- Greece (2019 and 2021)
  • P+R car parks for City of Prague - Prague, Czech Republic (2008-2017)


  • Barrier system
  • Car Park Ticket
  • Central Pay Devices
  • EV Charging Solutions
  • License Plate Recognition Camera
  • Parking Guidance Systems
  • Parking System
  • Pay on Foot
  • Payment terminals
  • Tickets
  • Traffic Control

Product information

Parking System Variant

parking system variant

The GP4P parking system Variant is a variable system for the collection of parking fees. The parking system modularity allows to implement a wide range of variable projects that are based exactly on customers‘ requirements and needs. GP4P offers a solution for a car park of any size – from small parking areas to large car parks with intensive operation that are used by many thousands of vehicles every day (commercial car parks, airports, shopping centres). Due to its features, GP4P provides both the operators and the customers with high user comfort. 

Basic components

 See PDF for more information.

Parking System Economy

parking system economy

The autonomous parking system Economy represents an economical parking solution for more simple car parks. GPE4P allows unattended, fully automated collection of parking fees. The parking system is designed as a set for a car park with one or more entries and one exit. Its characteristics make it suitable both for public and private car parks. However, it can be used also as a company car park, a car park at accommodation buildings, at supermarkets, tourist attractions and many other places. The system offers many tariffs for selection. Either a bar code or a contactless parking card can be used for parking.

Basic components

GPB - automatic road barrier
GPE4M - automatic pay station
GPE4T - entry and exit terminal

See PDF for more information.

Camera System

Camera system for licence plate recognition

The GPP LPR Camera System is designed for automatic reading and recognition of LPs or registration marks. It is a module of parking systems. This module is able to increase both the users' comfort and the car park security. The camera system allows the customers to enter and exit on the basis of a recognized LP or a registration mark. On the basis of information allocated to a specific license plate number in the system, different types of charges can be selected or an individual authorization for passage can be created (for prepaid cards, for visitors, etc.). 

Parking Guidance System

parking guidance system

The parking guidance system is used for guiding drivers when seeking vacant parking spaces in high-capacity garages, shopping centre garages, etc. GPP PGS2 supports remote control from the PC control centre. The system can be modified variably, several configuration variants are available. For individual car park zones, the guidance system allows the use of different types of setting. Parking spaces can be booked and reserved for example for prepaid parkers or for the disabled.

Traffic Control

The GPU TC Traffic Control System regulates and optimises the passages of motor vehicles on internal roads with limited space. The traffic control system is suitable for roads with one-way passage, e.g. garage entries and exits, passages to yards of residential houses, etc. The traffic control system can be also used as a solution for entries, exits, parking and movement of vehicles around industrial zones. The movement of vehicles in a monitored area is assessed by the GP DET vehicle detector. The autonomous control unit is fully programmable and thus it allows a wide spectrum of solutions to be adopted that comply exactly with customers' needs.

Automatic Road Barriers


The GPB automatic road barrier is designed for the control of entries and exits of vehicles on roads, in zones and car parks. The barrier can operate independently as an autonomous element or it can be part of the GPP parking systems.

The barrier is suitable e.g. for company parking systems, public car parks, multi-storey car parks, high-capacity garages, hotel garages, access roads, roads, installations designed for toll collection at motorways, bridges and other types of roads, etc.

EV charging station

EV chargingThe GCS SA charging station for electric vehicles is designed for public use in commercial car parks, garages, company car parks, at hotels and shopping centres.

The charging station features a robust self-supporting structure, protection against vandalism and modular system of sockets. The system is intuitive and easy to control. 

Parking Machines

parking machineThe PC2002 parking machine is designed for the collection of fees for on-street parking. The machine is produced from stainless metal sheet, its robust design reduces the possibility of its damage. The payment via the machine can be made in cash or by a prepaid card. The parking machine uses the system of unattended data transfer. The simple design of control elements allows intuitive control both for customers and attending staff ensuring the car park operation.

The machine is suitable mainly for city parking zones and municipal parking areas. The parking machines can be supplied either from the 230V network or solar panels can be used for power supply.

Blocks and Bollards

parking blockParking blocks are very fast and easy to install. The blocks are secured via a mechanical lock. The surface is treated with zinc dipping or with a layer of zinc and komaxit. In order to increase their visibility, the blocks are provided with reflective film. Mechanical blocks are approved for the use on public roads in the Czech Republic.

Hydraulic rising bollards are 700 mm high, their diameter can be up to 275 mm and they feature significat deformation resistance. The bollards are equipped with a hydraulic drive and a built-in safety element in the form of warning LED diodes that signalize the device operation.


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