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Founded in 2008, Idex Services was established to serve the local market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing effective and innovative solutions to meet the technological needs that developed in the field of parking guidance systems.

Over the years, we have successfully become a leading and trustworthy brand providing state-of-the-art solutions in parking management, guidance, and control systems, providing our clients exceptional services at different phases including high-tech design, implementation, and installation solutions.

As the number of vehicles within the big cities is always increasing, finding a parking spot becomes a major concern for the vehicle driver. The lack of parking spots makes some drivers violate traffic regulations which leads to congestion on-street, stress, and other related issues, and as they say: "No matter what you do, there will be always a shortage in the number of parking spaces".

In order to minimize, and sometimes eliminate, such problems it has become a must to pay special attention to parking facilities and find a solution to maximize the utilization of those facilities.

IDEX Services provides a suite of solutions and products that were designed to enhance the parking experience and help in solving many issues related to parking while taking into consideration environmental and security issues and concerns.

IDEX Services has extensive experience in designing and implementing different parking systems, which can be integrated together to provide the client with single monitoring for all systems.

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Headquarters location King Abdulaziz Road
11371 Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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  • Access and Exit Control Systems
  • Access Control
  • Car Access
  • Car Park Security
  • Car Parking Guidance Systems
  • Central Pay Devices
  • Consulting Services - Security
  • LED lighting for car parks
  • LED Lighting System
  • Parking Guidance Systems
  • Payment solutions
  • Payment terminals
  • Vehicle Counting

Product information

Parking Guidance System

A New Smart Parking Concept

An integrated solution guides the driver directly to a free parking spot within the parking facility, efficiently and intuitively, by using sensors with different technologies, light indicators, and display panels that provide information on the number and locations of the free parking spaces. Implementing a guidance solution has a lot of benefits for both users and operators such as:

  • Increased value and performance of the car park.
  • Optimized occupation and car rotation.
  • Improved traffic inside the car park.
  • Provides stress reduction and a sense of relief for the driver.
  • Fuel savings.
  • 100% reliability of information regarding real-time occupancy.
  • It increased customer fidelity.
  • Reduction of monoxide CO gas inside the car park.
  • Overstay reports
  • And many more …

The Parking Guidance System (PGS) provided by IDEX Services is based on the SCADA platform providing high speed of communication between the solution elements and opening the door for possible integration with third-party systems like lighting, ventilation, and security devices.

Parking Guidance System

LED Lighting for Parking Facility

Get Your Parking Facility Out of the Dark

The new LED lighting concept, integrated with the Car Park Guidance System, offers its users a more pleasant environment and cost-effective experience, based on the concept of COMFORT and leading to increased customer loyalty. Implementing an LED lighting system from IDEX will give you high ROI through the:

  • Energy savings of up to 65% compared to facilities using fluorescent lighting systems.
  • Efficient management of the car park’s lighting systems, according to occupation or the flow of vehicles and customers.
  • More light with less power consumption: One 20W fluorescent lamp per parking space requires 1,000 lumens. One 3W LED per parking space, 800 lumens. Three LEDs per parking space provide much more light and lower consumption.
  • Lower maintenance costs, since the useful life of LEDs, is 10 times longer than that of fluorescent lamps. Larger investment, lower maintenance costs.

Pay Parking Solution

Pay Parking Solution

Start Generating Revenues From Your Parking Facility

Operators of paid parking facilities want to have a solid yet expandable, flexible solution to ensure accurate revenue calculation and collection, a system that will protect their investment by preventing ticket fraud and misbehavior, and by providing easy payment methods.

IDEX Services has partnered with leading manufacturers to provide a complete system regardless of the size, number of entrances, number of facilities, and location of those facilities. This includes solutions for:

  • Exit and Entry Devices with different ticketing media: Barcode, Chipcoin, Magnetic, and RFID
  • Automatic Pay Stations with different payment methods
  • Manual Cashier Stations
  • Parking and Revenue Management Software
  • Ticketless Payment Solutions
  • Valet Control
  • On-street parking meters

Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Counting Systems

Know How Your Parking Facility Performs

Perhaps you don’t need the full single-space system to show your parking users the number of free spaces, or maybe you want to implement the full solution in phases and you want to start with the minimum. We have a solution that will protect your current decision for future changes and upgrades to the full system by utilizing readily installed devices in the new system. This solution will provide you with:

  • Counting vehicles entering and exiting the parking facility
  • Displays; main and zone dedicated
  • Multi-flow detection technologies
  • Flexible software to customize functions and behaviors based on the SCADA platform
  • Easy integration with third-party equipment and software.

Physical Security

Smart Security

Secure and Protect

IDEX Services offers a wide range of access doors to each parking facility, depending on the client’s needs, site conditions, and level of physical security needed.

Our Solutions Cover:

Gate Barriers

An ideal solution to control the transit of vehicles in a parking facility or private parking and entrance zones, IDEX Services designs and implements different gate barrier solutions with different arm lengths that satisfy the owner’s needs.

Road Blockers and Security Bollards

IDEX offers the highest level of protection against a vehicular threat, preventing access to vehicles, and thus arming your facility against numerous threats posed by unfriendly vehicles.
For each requirement, we have the solution, crash-rated option (PAS68/K12), industrial, or light use with third-party system integration and control. capability

Access Control

Parking Access Control

Total Control of Your Parking Facility

IDEX Services offers a variety of readers and tags to identify vehicles and, optionally, the drivers of those vehicles. The products are easily integrated with any existing standard access control management system and will protect your current investment in your facility access control system.

Product Range:

  • Long-Range RFID Readers with different tags (windshield, industrial, card)
  • Vehicle and driver identification
  • ANPR license plate recognition systems

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