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Combining Parking Services Into One Place

LetMePark is a growing channel for the parking industry that provides access to connected mobility and voice solutions, operates underneath existing solutions, mediates, and represents companies and drivers who want to park in a fragmented world.

LetMeParkoffers simple parking solutions by improving the connected car and the driver experience, changing the way you park by automating the process, and providing our service through multiple channels.


The Industry

Parking is becoming increasingly connected. In the next 10 years, most cars will be using connection services through voice assistants, in-car infotainment centers, AI predictive measurement systems, and much more. In the midst of these technological advancements, parking is becoming extremely important as problems such as finding parking, parking tickets, and paying for parking with cash are in need of creative solutions.

Reinventing the Parking Experience
Making Parking Simple, Voice-Powered and Completely Automated


  • LetMePark App. Access and reserve parking spots through our ap
  • Alexa Skill. Using an Alexa skill, you can say, “Alexa, I want to park” and Alexa will find you a parking spot and reserve it through our app.
  • CarPlay and Android Auto. We’ve developed our app to be inside your car thanks to those platforms.
  • Connected Car. We collaborate with connected car companies to be inside the vehicle. We’re developing a project where your car talks with our system and the system automatically open a session in on-street regulated areas.
  • Mobility Services. Charging, transport apps, last-mile delivery, car rentals, insurance companies, route planning
  • Tourism Sector. We give publicity and advertisement to the services, products, and facilities we partner with. 



Company information

Headquarters location Calle de Jacinto Benavente 2A
28232 Las Rozas de Madrid
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Uliana Torkunova

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  • In-Car Integrations
  • In-Car Solutions
  • Integrated Service Within Multimodal Mobility Apps
  • License Plate Recognition
  • On-Street and Off-Street Parking Service
  • Parking App
  • Virtual Parking Assistant
  • Voice-Powered Parking