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What is Mercedes-Benz Data ?

We at Mercedes-Benz Data develop, bundle and distribute innovative data solutions related to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH and Mercedes-Benz Urban Mobility Solutions we focus on the needs of our business customers.

What is our Mission?

We help boost our customers' business with data from Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
Top notch technology inside and outside of our vehicles are the enablers for our innovative data products.

By making it as easy as possible to consume our data products either through APIs or Ready-to-use products, we make our customers' success our top priority.

Mercedes-Benz Parking Analytics

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Headquarters location HPC L550
70546 Stuttgart
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  • Data Collection Systems
  • Monitoring Software
  • Parking Data
  • Parking Data Inventory

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Real-time parking events from the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet

Our Push API provides you with exact, real-time information on the parking behaviour of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet. This data allows you to gather insights on the parking behaviour and thereby creating more accessible, convenient, and innovative cities.

  • Real-time monitoring of parking movements (parking in and out)
  • Public or commercial parking space tracking and management
  • Predictions of parking requirements
  • Improving efficiency and planning of parking and loading zones
  • Analysis option with regard to parking preferences
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions through reduction of parking lot search traffic

The transmitted data is relevant for a wide variety of evaluations & analyses regarding parking overview, parking space frequency and parking duration.

What data access does the API offer?

Optimize your application, your parking monitoring and planning or generally your infrastructure with the help of these data points:

  • Parking events
  • GPS position
  • Vehicle heading
  • Time stamp
  • Parking duration
  • Approximate vehicle length

Learn more about the API

1. The API at a glance

The data set of Parking Monitoring offers you exact, real-time information on the parking in and out events of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In addition to the time, duration and GPS location of parking events, this API also informs you about the approximate size of the vehicle.

2. Wide coverage

The transmitted data is relevant for a wide variety of evaluations & analyses regarding parking overview, parking space frequency and parking duration. The data product can also be used for public or commercial parking space tracking and management as well as for fleets with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Of course, the large connected Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet offers an enhancive base for covering many regions worldwide.

3. Anonymized data

Data is always transferred anonymized and only from vehicles for which there is a consent from the vehicle owner.

Recognition of parking in and out of parking spaces

Definition of parking events

  • Park-in events: a car parks when it turns off the engine and stops for more than 2 minutes
  • Park-out events: a car drives off after being parked for more than 15 minutes
  • Detection of free/occupied parking space through operating the ignition switch for park-in & park-our events

Use case 1: parking space register

Status quo analysis on number and location of parking lots per street segment.

Use case 2: predictive analysis

Use of data to predict parking utilization and parking probabilities based on historical data, dynamic prediction by integrating live data is possible.

Use case 3: real-time data

Integration of live parking data (park in/park out & USS* data) into existing systems via API usage.

* USS product (Ultrasonic Sensor) > coming soon

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Mercedes-Benz City Dashboard - Parking Analytics for Cities

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