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Microlog is a Norwegian registered company. We specialise in making high revenue for our customers related to unique software solutions for unattended payment solutions and related kiosks on the European market.

We develop tailor-made solutions. Our customers represent different industries such as shopping malls, health care, parking, ski pass and ticket sales just to name a few.

Microlog AS was established in 1989. The company have had a positive development since it started, and we are a reliable partner for our customers. Microlog is an authorized dealer of payment solutions on the Scandinavian market. As an authorized supplier of PCI approved payment terminals from different vendors. We can offer among the best payment solutions on the market.

Company information

Headquarters location Parkveien 23
1405 Langhus
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Alsak Lie

Alsak Lie 

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  • Parking Kiosks

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MicroPark Parking MachineMicroPark Parking Machine

Microlog offers an easy-to-use parking application while having an advanced parking company interface. 

The Microlog kiosk is made to last. The components used are only industrial which means that you will be able to rest assured through its life span.

Our unattended kiosks are versatile and flexible both for the parking operator and the car owner.

The GUI is customer adapted through many years of development, and the accelerated payment device is a real queue buster.

MicroPark PostPay

PostPay integrates with their camera solution for ANPR. The payment will then be done at the point when a customer leaves the paring.

All the customer has to do is enter his/her license plate. PostPay then look through the system to calculate the payment amount. The customers can then choose to continue the parking or pay. The customer receives a receipt after payment. The solution can also be delivered with the token.

MicroPark PrePay

PrePay is used in parking facilities where the customer prepays.

  1. The customer chooses parking length.
  2. The machine will show the length of wished parking time and how much you will have to pay.
  3. When the customer pays a ticket will be printed out, this needs to be placed in the car window. This machine is suitable for street parking or a smaller parking facility.

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