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Newpark Solutions is looking for distributors in Europe!

Newpark Solutions, with the release of the new Fusion system are leading the way in new innovation in the Pay on Foot market. The Fusion system can operate either with or without barriers; what separates the system from others on the market, is the fact that the system is designed specifically to use ANPR cameras and barriers as the sole method of access control, high definition ANPR technology enables this. High definition ANPR cameras that operate using a high definition software engine, Fusion cameras are arguably the most accurate ANPR cameras available on the market.

Based in Bristol, Newpark are the only UK manufacturer of Pay on Foot systems, we have our own both software and field service engineers. All of our software is written by Newpark Software engineers.

Newpark believe that the service of a product is as important as the quality of the product sold. The Fusion system has an estimated lifespan of 10 years, therefore maintenance support and customer relationships are integral for both parties.

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Headquarters location Unit 4, Unicorn Business Park, Whitby Road
BS4 4EX Bristol
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The Fusion System by Newpark Solutions utilises the latest technology available to provide innovative, yet simple solutions with practicality in mind.  In all methods of operation, the Fusion system will offer the following advantages:Fusion System

  • Operational cost savings (no tickets, lower maintenance requirement and therefore cost, less cash collection ((more payment options)), lower requirement for staff time)
  • Faster throughput
  • Fully automated season pass database (no season cards) – Flexibility with this feature is extremely high, and is very easy to use
  • Rewarding frequent visitors
  • Implementing a no return periods
  • Hotlist management, when an undesirable vehicle enters the car park, a notification can be sent to e-mail, via SMS or can be viewed on the hosted service or can be enforced
  • Web hosted management suite
  • No tickets (lost, damaged, jammed etc)

There are numerous different methods of operation including ticketless pay on foot, ANPR based enforcement, Proactive enforcement and Pay and Display.  The Fusion system can operate in any of the different methods available without having to change the pay machines; therefore the customer is not tied to a specific method of operation.

Payment Options:

  • Online payment
  • Coins
  • Notes
  • Credit card
  • Mobile phone
  • Wave and pay
  • Full change-giving facility

Fusion System:

Ticketless pay on footticketless pay on foot

The ticketless pay on foot operation of the Fusion system is an innovative method of operation, pioneered by Newpark Solutions.  The use of tickets is no longer needed due to the availability of High Definition ANPR technology that uses a high definition software engine as well as a high definition camera.  The ticketless pay on foot method of operation maintains the use of barriers, thus meaning full functionality of a traditional Pay on Foot system is maintained.  Public authorities are able to use ANPR cameras with this method of operation, allowing customers to pay upon leaving the car park.

ANPR enforced paymentANPR enforced payment

Quickly becoming a prominent method of operation in the industry, ANPR Enforcement allows full control of the car park without using barriers, but still allows people to pay when they leave the car park.  The Fusion system can be fully integrated with the back end software used by BPA approved private operators, to make the enforcement process fully automated.  The Fusion system uses HD ANPR cameras with an HD software engine, which allows us to obtain extremely high read rates.  These high read rates, combined with the Fusion Software, mean that the system works extremely effectively.

Web hosted management suiteweb hosted management suite

The Fusion hosted management suite allows full onsite and web access including all data that is recorded in the car park.   Full time and date stamped over view images of vehicles are displayed, with easy access to data surrounding each vehicle.

The Fusion central allows the creation of numerous user groups that will each dictated by a different set of rules Full monetary content of the machines can be viewed in terms of number of different notes/coins, coin/note denominations, chip and pin transactions and transactions associated with each individual card.The log section allows the customer to view every single event that occurs at any of the units within the Fusion system, including the cameras and pay machines.

The membership section allows you to create lists that allow customers free, reduced, restricted, or any other specific requirement for parking.  There is not a limit to the number of lists that can be created.  Time parameters can be set for each membership, so that the rules of the memberships only apply between certain time periods, for example hours, days, weeks, months or individual days during the year.


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