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Opcharge, Marksingel 2a

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OPCHARGE provides customized charging solutions.
With a focus on public charging solutions for municipalities and
semi-public charging solutions for businesses.


We are OPCHARGE, the improved version of OPLAAD.net. Founded by Pieter Haans and Freddy van Nispen. Coming from a broad commercial background in mobility, we stepped into the dynamic world of charging solutions and everything that comes with it. We want to do our part to accelerate the growth of the number of charging stations in public spaces: charging stations that are directly connected to the public network.

In doing so, we do not aspire to become the biggest. What we do, however, we want to do well and green. The Netherlands aims for 500,000 charging stations, with 1 million charging points, by the year 2025. To reach that number at the current number and pace, it is necessary to install over 200 charging stations per day! We would like to play our part in this and have therefore set ourselves the target of filling 5 percent of the total need for charging points by 2025. We can do this for public, business and private use: anytime, anywhere with the right charging solution and with a complete worry-free service. With us, your request for a charging station is in good and reliable hands. Our company management system guarantees quality and we are currently working on both ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. With 25,000 charging stations from Opcharge by 2025, we know the world has become a little more sustainable. Are you a city or business ready for electric driving? Then we are ready for you!

The Founders

Freddy van Nispen and Pieter Haans are born and bred Brabanders with extensive experience in the automotive industry. The world of dealers, importers and manufacturers holds no secrets for them. In fact, because of their international sales and training experience in the automotive industry, they see which new models will be on the market in 5 years. For example, they were the first to see the rapid rise of electric driving and the impact it has on the entire automotive supply chain. Automotive is decisive in the electrification of motoring. Gas stations will have to be replaced by charging stations. This is where they see the greatest challenge and development. And thus the greatest opportunity to contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to electric.

The Founders of OPCHARGE

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Company information

Headquarters location Opcharge, Marksingel 2a
4811 NV Breda
The Netherlands
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Founded by

Freddy van Nispen and Pieter Haans

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  • Charging Network
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • EV charging infrastructure optimization
  • EV Charging optimization platform for business users
  • EV Charging optimization platform for infrastructure providers and cities
  • Public Charging
  • Recharging station

Product information

A business charging station with no investment. It sounds too good to be true. Yet Opcharge ensures that this can become a reality for your business. With a business charging station you ensure that your guests, customers and employees have the opportunity to charge their electric cars at your business park. Thus, they continue their journey from your site with a smile.

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You can think of a business charging station as an extra service. By having business charging stations installed in your company’s parking lot, you encourage “green” driving behavior. Customers, visitors and employees with electric cars no longer refuel along the highway. They just drive to the appointment at your office. After visiting your office, the car is recharged. This way they feel the appreciation from your company when a business charging station is available for them.

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How do the business charging stations from Opcharge work?

The decision was made. You want to buy a business charging station, but you’re dreading all the handling that comes with it. In fact, with this investment, that is not necessary at all. At Opcharge, we take care of the installation and management of a business charging station. All we ask of you is to welcome the installation team, then you can get back to work and don’t have to look back at the charging station.

Each month we read out the charge point and reimburse you for a portion of the electricity used per kWh. So we rightfully call it an investment, because if enough power is consumed, this green investment will earn you money. We call this a win-win situation. Making money and creating a green world. That’s also good for the company’s image! Are there really no costs involved at all? If there is not enough power at the location, the power connection must be weighted. These costs do get charged to the business owner, but Opcharge looks at what the possible costs are in advance and discusses them with the client. We will find the right charging station or a suitable charging solution for you. When you are sure that your power connection is heavy enough, you really don’t have to pay anything. Ideal right?

We provide installation, management and maintenance

We provide installation, management and maintenance

A partnership with Opcharge means complete unburdening by us. We also take care of the installation, management and maintenance of the business charging station. You designate the location and we make sure the fixed cable business charging stations are installed accurately. So easy to place charging stations. We also take responsibility for the management of the business charging station. To this you include hosting and maintenance of the hardware. The quality of our charging stations is our top priority. After all, we don’t have to be the cheapest. Quality may have a price. If there is still a defect, we will fix it. We want to continue to provide that service at all times.


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