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ParkEngage is the leading digital cloud platform for the parking industry. ParkEngage offers touchless parking solutions designed to enhance the entire customer journey from arrival to departure, as well as create more efficient operating solutions for your operation and your staff.

ParkEngage technologies are aimed at providing an entirely touchless parking experience for users, allowing them to arrive at your parking facility, park, pay, and depart, seamlessly and touch-free through their mobile devices. ParkEngage services also help to significantly enhance parker engagement, while helping to create new revenue streams for owners and operators.

ParkEngageThe ParkEngage platform offers end-to-end touchless parking for both self and valet garages, comprehensive customer relationship management, mobile valet, permit parking, and parking inventory and multi-channel management. Further, ParkEngage can integrate our solutions with any existing parking equipment or applications, or work with our clients to create custom applications that meet their unique needs.

ParkEngage is here to help owners and operators enhance their operations while providing them with the services to effectively serve their customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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Headquarters location 4100 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 203
California 95117
San Jose
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  • Advanced Reporting
  • Aggregator and Channel Management
  • Analytics
  • ANPR Software
  • Cloud-based Parking Solutions
  • Digital Parking System
  • Enforcement Management Software
  • Loyalty Program
  • Mobile Apps
  • Parking Data Analytics
  • Parking Software
  • Permit Management
  • Reservation / Pre-Booking Systems
  • Software Services
  • Touchless Parking
  • Valet Parking Solutions
  • Valet Technology
  • White-label and Customization Capability

Product information

Touchless Self-Parking

Touchless Self-ParkingWith our Touchless Parking Service, create a seamless parking experience for customers in valet and self-park facilities.

How it Works:

  • Customers arrive and scan a QR code or open their branded app.
  • This will generate a customer record and enable them to check into the facility.
  • The customer receives a mobile alert with their eTicket and proceeds to park.
  • Upon returning, the customer opens an app or SMS eTicket to initiate mobile payment.
  • Customer departs the facility following a truly touchless parking experience!

Touchless Permit Parking

Permit customers are your most loyal and profitable base. Provide personalized service with our Touchless Permit Parking Solution.

PermitTouchless Permit Parking

Touchless Permit Parking enables you to implement a custom and personalized solution to make their parking experience as pleasant as possible.

How it Works:

  • Permit holder buys permit online.
  • Permit holder receives e-Permit on a mobile phone.
  • Permits can be set to auto-renew if desired.
  • Customer pays online or via student bill, payroll, etc.
  • Parking officers verify permits using mobile ALPR.
  • Register multiple vehicles on a single permit.


Online Parking Reservations

Integrate with real-time inventory, manage pricing, incorporate targeted promotions, and much more.

Online Parking ReservationsOnline Parking Reservations

Enhance the parking experience by allowing parkers to reserve space in your parking facility ahead of time while incorporating comprehensive touchless parking solutions.

How it Works:

  • Specify pricing structure in the pricing engine.
  • Integrate with your real-time inventory to maximize sales.
  • Offer touchless parking promotions and discounts.
  • Enable dynamic pricing.
  • Manage specific parking facility information.
  • Incorporate through your website or mobile app.


Promotions and Loyalty

Provide convenient, touchless parking and create brand loyalty through our Promotion and Loyalty Service.

Promotions and LoyaltyPromotions and Loyalty

Attract new customers with comprehensive and integrated marketing initiatives. Our Promotions and Loyalty Service helps you stay ahead of your competition and create brand loyalty with long-term, repeat customers.

How it Works:

  • Customers earn loyalty points for parking and other services
  • Customers redeem loyalty points for rewards
  • Create personalized promotion codes for your customers.
  • Utilize analytics to understand customer behavior and target specific groups.
  • Tailor and launch targeted promotions quickly.
  • Develop and distribute direct email campaigns.
  • Generate comprehensive campaign analytics to understand ROI.

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards for Parking Operators and Owners to understand customer behavior, evaluate markets, optimize operations, and increase revenue and profit margins.

Reporting and Analytics DashboardsReporting and Analytics Dashboards

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards provide a path from data to decisions. The system offers the key performance indicators for the parking industry, tools used to analyze the data, identifying patterns in the data, and strategies for applying this analysis to decision-making.

How it Works:

  • Data is collected from all functions of the business.
  • Easily customizable canned out-of-box reports and Dashboards.
  • A well-defined set of metrics and data analysis is applied.
  • Parking industry KPIs for Sales, Marketing, HR, and Operations.
  • Comprehensive data collection framework.
  • Aggregation with market data.
  • Easy to use tools to slice and dice data.
  • Works with ParkEngage cloud.

Touchless Valet Parking

Our Touchless Valet Service creates a convenient experience for parkers while streamlining your valet staff operation.

Touchless Valet Parking

This web-based and mobile-based service enables your valet parking facility to quickly deploy touchless parking capabilities. 

Touchless Monthly Parking

Our Monthly Parking solution provides a seamless and comfortable experience for monthly parkers while creating and encouraging brand loyalty.

Touchless Monthly ParkingTouchless Monthly Parking

Touchless Monthly Parking allows operators to create a more pleasant and convenient parking experience for their monthly parkers while enabling staff to provide enhanced service.

Aggregator and Channel Management

Publish and manage your own reservable parking inventory for all channel partners in one platform

Aggregator and Channel ManagementAggregator and Channel Management

Gain control of your parking inventory. Embrace the strengths of aggregators and channel partners and resell your parking inventory on your own terms.

How it Works:

  • Reach a wider market and expand your partner ecosystem.
  • Continue to work with parking aggregators to publish available parking spaces.
  • Partner with nearby businesses (hotels, restaurants, etc.) to promote your inventory through their channels.
  • Get real-time oversight and control of your parking inventory.
  • Gain better negotiating power.

ALPR-Based Parking Enforcement

The ALPR-based solution allows Parking Operators and Owners to implement more accurate parking enforcement procedures, increasing revenues and streamlining operations.

ALPR Based Parking EnforcementALPR-Based Parking Enforcement

Now more than ever parking owners and operators are seeking solutions that come with low to no upfront capital investments. Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)-based enforcement solutions reduce these costs while helping to increase capture rates, revenues, and more.

How it Works:

  • The enforcement officer uses the mobile phone to scan license plates.
  • Sophisticated pattern recognition and permit matching algorithms.
  • The system notifies the officer of whether the vehicle payment is up to date.
  • Officers can obtain all necessary permit data to make an informed decision.
  • Officers can print violation tickets.

White Label Apps

White Label Apps for Parking Operators and Parking Facilities Owners who would like to offer a feature-rich Parking App to their customers to get a personalized parking experience.

White Label AppWhite Label Apps

White label parking apps by ParkEngage are fully functional customer apps that can be easily customized and branded, to offer all the parking services offered by the parking operators and parking facility owners. These Apps easily integrate and leverage existing garage infrastructure.

How it Works:

Apps are customized to offer the services provided by the operators

  • Apps are integrated with existing PARCS and backend systems.
  • Works with ParkEngage cloud.
  • Offered for single-facility or multi-facility parking operations.
  • Customers download Branded Apps from the Apple and Google App stores.
  • Features like search, reserve, check-in, check-out, pay, and many more.
  • Features like targeted marketing, customer service, promotions, and loyalty.