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World’s leading Turkish Company - Developing the Most Advanced Parking Systems Technology

Pleasant and Safe Parking Experience

Fully Automated Parking SystemThrough its Parkolay brand, Otomatik Otopark Sistemleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. is a World pioneer in the development, engineering and manufacturing of fully-automated parking systems, mainly the large capacity public systems. With an experience of over 24 years, Parkolay’s main focus is the development of systems that are User-friendly offering a smooth and stress-free parking experience to the Users.

Fully Automated Parking SystemAdditionally, the space optimization Parkolay’s systems provide allows Builders and Architects to better plan and arrange the remaining areas for commercial or residential allocations.

Fully Automated Parking SystemParkolay’s modern and adaptable design, reliable technology and innovative solutions gained it a global reputation leading to Worldwide successful projects being used satisfyingly under heavy demand in different markets.

Parkolay is self-developing its R&D studies and software technology, and has its own production line. Thanks to its R&D works it has been pursuing for years, Parkolay was attributed the first and only R&D center license in the parking system sector, in Turkey.

Parkolay was selected as a finalist alongside six companies and ended up highly commended and runner-up in European Customer Centricity Awards under the category Customer Centricity in B2B which is one of the largest celebrations of customer experience in Europe.

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Headquarters location Ünalan Mah. Güzide Sok. No:73
34700 Üsküdar Istanbul
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Turkey‘s largest fully automated parking system with a capacity of 560 cars.
7 vehicles are able to park at the same time within an average operation time of 105 seconds. 44m3 volume per vehicle has been provided thanks to the system applied at 930sqm footprint area and 17.50m height.


The project provides a total of 280 parking spaces in an area of 543sqr and a height of 25m.
The ground floor is equipped with 4 entry-exit rooms, each with a turntable, and a spacious lobby; allowing the driver to park comfortably and to take their vehicles easily. The system that carries out 120.000 park operations per year.

JANNAT AL-MOUALLAH FULLY-AUTOMATED CAR PARKING – Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (On-going)

Parkolay in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The System is being implemented at the heart of the Holy City, Makkah to serve the visitors of Masjid Al-Haram and Jannat Al-Mouallah Cemetery. The compact layout Parkule System provided allowed to include additional facilities at the building’s ground level.

The layout is constituted of 6 entry/exit rooms allowing to park up to 6 vehicles at the same time, at a total of 15 parking levels for a total of 606 parking spaces.

AL BATHA MALL FULLY-AUTOMATED CAR PARKING – Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (On-going)

Parkolay in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Being installed at the four top floors of a shopping mall building in Riyadh, K.S.A, the System has 4 entry-exit rooms, each equipped with a lift, and one shuttle at each parking level, offering a total of 375 parking spaces.

These components allowed to optimize the floors’ area by maximizing the parking capacity while still providing additional empty areas that would be commercially or residentially used.


Parkolay in Colombo, Sri Lanka

One of the biggest office building being currently constructed in Colombo’s financial city features one of Parkule systems.

The ideal utilization of the components led to encompass 177 parking spaces into a very challenging and limited area while sticking with the existing structural columns and walls of the building.


  • Automated Car Parking System
  • Automated Parking Solutions
  • Automated Parking System
  • Car Garage Lift
  • Car Parking Lift
  • Car Stacker
  • Parking Lift
  • Space Optimization
  • Stack Parking System
  • Stacked Parking Solutions

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Fully-automated parking systems

A system adaptable to any plot allowing the maximization of the parking capacity by the usage of different components’ combinations.

Parkule provides a proper and convenient entrance room where Users will be able to park their vehicles safely and exit the System comfortably.

Users will firstly be directed to the available entrance room where they will securely park their vehicles onto the pallet.

After the confirmation phase is completed successfully by the User at his exit from the room, the System will be able to operate and park the pallet in the most optimal space within the conveyor lines, a space that is allocated through a sophisticated software. Parking the vehicle within the parking levels is done through lifts, shuttles… depending on the layout’s requirements.

At the retrieval, the User will only have to proceed with the payment (if required) or swiping his card to order the system to start operating and getting the vehicle back to the entrance room


Entrance rooms Entrance rooms

Interface between Users and the System. Users deliver their vehicles to the System by parking their vehicles on top of the visible pallet situated at the entrance room. Users are able to park comfortably and safely through the instructions shown to them and the several safety devices that control every aspect of the vehicle and its positioning.

Electrical Lift Electrical Lift 

Pallets carrier travelling between parking levels and transferring pallets into other components of the System. It is designed in different configurations to cover all layout possibilities.


Turntable Turntable

Mechanism to rotate vehicles into the required driving position for a better and faster parking experience, eliminating the maneuvering inconvenience



Pallets carrier sliding within parking levels to reach spaces at the far end of the plot, transferring pallets into other components of the System




vehicle carrier, simplifies the transportation of the vehicles within the parking system 

Conveyor lines

storage mechanism of pallets within the parking levels



Hydraulic Car LiftHydraulic Car Lift

Hydraculic Car LiftHydraulic Car Lift eliminating the usage of ramps. Not a parking system but a safe and convenient mechanism for vehicles to be transported and access garage parking levels.


PHP Series comes in two different layouts: Cantilever Car lift fixed at only one side where the load is carried and a car lift with Cover applied when an entrance room cannot be built for architectural or regulations’ requirements.

The pit is therefore closed by a cover integrated to the lift, the cover can be paved according to the architectural preferences.
They both come in a wide range of dimensions (width, length,…).


ParkistMechanic Parking Systems

This Series doubles or triples the parking capacity while providing independent parking spaces by stacking vehicles in the pit.

It is designed in different layouts, single/double platforms, two/three parking levels, covered system and multi-row, enabling it to fit all possible sit conditions.


ParkonforSemi-Automated Parking Systems

This Series doubles or triples the parking capacity while providing independent semi-automated parking spaces.

Its sliding platforms at the ground levels enables to widen the possible number of grids at each system to 10.

It comes in a two or three parking floor layout and a multi-row or Pass-through design that allows to maximize the utility of the parking area.


Systems and processes in accordance with TS EN 14001 and TS EN ISO 9001 standards
Service adequacy certificate by TSE for assembly and maintenance services


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