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Mangilik Yel str., 55/22, 140

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Parqour provides a parking management solution based on License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) technology with a 98% average capture rate.

Our target customers are shopping malls, business centres, sport and event venue, residential complexes and high-security industrial zones.

  • Business owners get an advantage in revenue growth, improved customer experience and full control and management of transactions and vehicles.
  • For residential complexes and other private parking owners, we offer whitelisting technologies - it helps to solve security and safety issues and optimise operational costs.

We provide a flexible financial model with immediate return on investment. It doesn’t require any investment on your behalf.

Our system consists of the following features:

- Hardware/software solution
- Parking access automation embedded with LPR/ANPR
- Contactless/ticketless payment
- Frictionless parking experience
- Demand-based prices
- A monitoring system, embedded with computer vision technologies: recognise illegal parking in disabled bays and double parking
- Real-time revenue statements
- High security and safety
- 24/7 virtual service support
- Customization and seamless integration

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Headquarters location Mangilik Yel str., 55/22, 140
Z05T3F5 Nur-Sultan
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  • License Plate Recognition
  • Smart Parking Solutions