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Smart Parking Solution

Parqour provides a parking management solution based on License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) technology with a 98% average capture rate.

Our target customers are shopping malls, business centres, sport and event venue, residential complexes and high-security industrial zones.

  • Business owners get an advantage in revenue growth, improved customer experience and full control and management of transactions and vehicles.
  • For residential complexes and other private parking owners, we offer whitelisting technologies - it helps to solve security and safety issues and optimise operational costs.

We provide a flexible financial model with immediate return on investment. It doesn’t require any investment on your behalf.

Our system consists of the following features:

- Hardware/software solution
- Parking access automation embedded with LPR/ANPR
- Contactless/ticketless payment
- Frictionless parking experience
- Demand-based prices
- A monitoring system, embedded with computer vision technologies: recognise illegal parking in disabled bays and double parking
- Real-time revenue statements
- High security and safety
- 24/7 virtual service support
- Customization and seamless integration

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Headquarters location Mangilik Yel str., 55/22, 140
Z05T3F5 Nur-Sultan
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  • License Plate Recognition
  • Smart Parking Solutions

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Product name - Parqour

Parqour is an intelligent car parking management solution based on number plate recognition technologies. Our License Plate Recognition technologies are designed to capture the license plates of vehicles with an accuracy level of 99,6%. This level of accuracy allows creating a seamless, contactless, and comfortable parking experience by excluding tickets, cards, remote controls, and any human involvement. That also brings considerable optimisation of operational costs.

Moreover, car park owners can boost revenue from each space by using features like dynamic pricing, VIP zoning, and detection of parking violations like two space parking.

Our software is built from the ground and our team achieved great cost optimisation by using the latest edge computing offerings like Jetson Nano and Xavier for on-site computer vision thus doesn’t need a broadband connection to clouds like AWS and Azure. Also, Parqour is capable of integration with any kind of equipment that eliminates vendor lock-in.

How it works?

When a car comes to the gate, our cameras detect and capture the number plate in seconds, so drivers seamlessly enter the parking lot. The number plate is used as a digital ticket and drivers can pay by online payment methods like a mobile app or QR code. Upon exit, the system checks payment status and opens the gate.

Parqour - ANPR enabled smart technology. It’s like parking with built-in hand sanitizer.