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Parquery is the leading Swiss technology provider of smart parking and AI-powered mobility, transport, and logistics solutions. More than 200 resellers, partners, and customers in over 35 countries around the globe have grown their business, increased their efficiency, and gained time, money, and space with our Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Smart parking for everyone

We started with camera-based smart parking solutions leveraging and developing our outstanding AI. Our AI detects and recognizes any shape in images and videos of any camera - whether CCTV cameras, webcams, or drones - and transforms it into usable data for management, decision-making, controlling, business intelligence, you name it. Parquery’s intelligent solutions learn by example and experience and, thus, can adapt to most circumstances.

Our versatile parking solution works for all kinds of parking

  • Large off-street lots
  • Unpaved, unmarked, and even snow-covered parking areas
  • On-street parking, both parallel and diagonal
  • Curb-side delivery zones
  • Indoor parking garages
  • Truck rest areas along motorways
  • e-charging

It works for all vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, vans, trailers, buses, delivery vehicles, motorcycles, etc.

Deploy our software where you need it: in the cloud, on a server on premise, embed it directly in the camera or an edge computer, or rely on Parquery cloud servers.

Smart parking made easy

Customers value Parquery’s low entry barrier: all they need is a camera with an internet connection that monitors their parking area, and they are good to go. They appreciate the ease with which they can manage their parking lot with our interactive dashboard and the unparalleled accuracy of 99 %.

“Parquery’s solution can be adopted with minimal effort, cost, and technology. Because it doesn't need ground sensors and whatnot. It is easy to install, and you can also expand it. It's modular. Tomorrow, I can say, now I'll add another parking lot, and I will get an accurate analysis.”

Christof Hasler, CEO of the retail company Hasler + Co AG.

Gain business insights

Our smart parking solution provides real-time results and analytics to smart parking partners and customers. Our Application Programming Interface (API) integrates our real-time results into any proprietary software, guidance panels, apps, and more. At the same time, our dashboard provides managers with insights into parking use.

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Would you like to resell our solution in your market or integrate it into your traffic or smart city platform? Call or email us at and let's discuss the details.


We offer mobility, transport and logistics solutions 

While parking remains our core business, we expanded and now apply our skills to a broader range of solutions, including


Company information

Headquarters location Geerenweg 2
8048 Zurich
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Founded in
Founded by

Dr. Andrea Fossati and Dr. Angela Yao

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  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Analytics
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Car Park Management Software
  • Cloud parking management system
  • Cloud-based Parking Solutions
  • Dashboard
  • Digital Parking System
  • Edge AI Camera and Devices
  • Enforcement
  • EV charging infrastructure optimization
  • Fleet Management
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Object Detection in Scene Including Vehicles, People, and Objects
  • On Street Parking Solutions
  • On Street Parking Solutions
  • On-Street and Off-Street Parking Service
  • Optical Detection
  • Parking Dashboard
  • Parking Data Analytics
  • Parking guidance system based on cameras
  • Parking systems for EV chargers
  • Realtime Dashboard for Operators and Owners
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Smart Parking Management
  • Traffic Counters
  • Traffic Management
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Vehicle Presence Detection Sensors
  • Vehicle Sensing
  • Web-based Parking Solutions
  • White-label and Customization Capability

Product information


Parquery’s innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms can detect any object in images of any camera. In the context of smart parking, Parquery’s AI algorithms detect vehicles (boats, trains, trucks, etc.) in parking spots.

Get answers to your parking management questions

  • Where are available parking spots? How can I guide drivers to vacant spots?
  • Has a vehicle parked longer than paid for?
  • How and how intensely are my parking lots used? Which areas are used most? When are peak hours?

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The technology behind Parquery

Parquery offers an image-based solution.

To use it, all you need are cameras that record your parking area.

Parquery’s AI algorithms will then detect vehicles in these images in real time, and the results will be delivered to partners or facility managers by a virtual dashboard or an Application Programming Interface (API).

The captured images are not stored, but are automatically deleted once processed.

What's the secret of Parquery? Why does it work for any vehicle, parking situation, weather and lightin condition?


How to get Parquery up and running on your parking lot

Step 1. Parking area

Send us a map and/or the address of the parking areas you want to monitor.

Parking lot from above

Step 2. Determine the camera positioning

  • If cameras are already installed, we can get started right away. 
  • If no camera is installed yet, Parquery helps you determine the most appropriate camera model and installation points with 3D site modelling. 

Parking lot from above - camera view

Step 3. Installation

We help you find a trustworthy camera installer and work together on the installation to get the views we need.

Crane making an installation

Step 4. Get the results

Once we receive the camera images, we analyse them with our AI solution and deliver real-time occupancy results to you. You'll see which spot has been occupied for how long.

Our interactive dashboard gives you a wealth of parking management tools at your finger tips. 

Integrate the results into your solution of choice with our API: parking display boards, smartphone apps, dashboards, proprietary software etc.

Parquery's solution complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): no image is stored and no private data is processed.

Scheme with parking lot occupancy


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