Qntra Technology Ltd.

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Redouta, 47 Velcho Atanasov Str



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Redouta, 47 Velcho Atanasov Str., floor 1

Sofia , 1505



Tel (+359 2) 421 9707

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“Qntra Technology” Ltd., founded in 2010 in Bulgaria, is a dynamic and rapidly developing company. Its main activity includes process design, building and maintenance of last generation parking systems Qntra PARK. Since its founding, the company has successfully installed the parking systems in some of the biggest shopping centers, hospitals, airports, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and business centers all over the country. In short time, the company gains the trust of its clients and wins recognition as an absolute leader in the parking technologies.


In 2016, the company starts expanding its activities outside Bulgaria with realising several significant projects in Romania. Only a year later, in December 2017, the company installs its first modern parking system QNTRA PARK in Croatia, in collaboration with its local partner. By realising the first projects outside Bulgaria, “Qntra Technology“ lays the foundations of long-lasting partnerships on the territory of these European countries. Within two years, the company makes serious steps towards expanding on the European market.

“Qntra Technology” Ltd. applies worldwide practices with proven effectivity and insists on exceptional quality in building and installing its systems. Therefore, the company is able to compete successfully with the world leaders of parking technologies.

Our priority is reacting flexibly to market requirements by providing quality services, customized solutions according to customer specifications at a reasonable price. Our claim expresses our ambition: striving for the very best in everything that we do”, announced the managers of Qntra Technology – Orlin Petrov and Ilia Topalov.



Company information

Headquarters location Redouta, 47 Velcho Atanasov Str
1505 Sofia
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  • Access and Exit Control Systems
  • Access Control
  • Advanced Parking System
  • Automated Parking System
  • Automated Parking Systems
  • Barrier system
  • Barriers
  • Licence Plate Readers
  • License Plate Recognition Camera
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • Parking Management Solutions
  • Parking Software
  • Parking System
  • Parking Ticket System
  • Readers
  • Vehicle Counting