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6721 Columbia Gateway Dr., Suite 400

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6721 Columbia Gateway Dr., Suite 400

Columbia , Maryland 21046

United States


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Providing Revolutionary Intelligence

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Rekor is a Maryland-based company providing both commercial and government sectors with actionable, real-time vehicle insights, and roadway intelligence. By enabling faster, better-informed decisions, Rekor is transforming industries worldwide with smarter, quicker, cost-competitive solutions for security, public safety, electronic toll collection, brand loyalty, parking operations, logistics, and traffic management.

OpenALPR: A Rekor Solution Suite

To accomplish this, Rekor's proprietary OpenALPR software analyzes video streams from nearly any IP camera and transforms these streams into powerful vehicle recognition data that helps protect lives, increase brand loyalty, and enhance operations and logistics, without the need to install expensive new infrastructure.

Rekor, in conjunction with its OpenALPR suite of solutions, strives to be the leading company providing cutting-edge technology using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data to solve complex problems in public safety, smart cities, and customer experience.

Transform Your Parking Business

Yellow parking barrier equipped with an LPR camera, a row of white cars in the parking lot behind

Leverage advanced vehicle recognition in your parking operations to seamlessly automate access control, accept contactless payments, locate offenders, and increase revenue.

Icon showing the front and back of a chip and pin card.Pay-By-Plate Integration

Fast, contactless payments have never been simpler because customers connect their license plates to their payment method.


Icon of a blue car behind a parking barrierAutomated Access Control

Quickly allow paying customers to enter and exit your parking facility, while easily refusing non-paying and flagged vehicles.


Icon of a yellow line graph with a blue labelVolume Analysis Reporting

Deep-dive into facility analytics by identifying low and peak-volume periods on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Company information

Headquarters location 6721 Columbia Gateway Dr., Suite 400
Maryland 21046
United States
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50-200 Employees

Recent projects

On-street parking, with SecurePark written over the photo in whiteRekor Selected by SecurePark Technologies to Deploy Cutting Edge Parking Management Solutions

SecurePark, a leading SaaS-based parking solutions company, signed a licensing agreement with Rekor to offer the iP360 Parking and Permit Management Software to its global client base.

Roadway with RekorOne written over in blueRekor Announces Revolutionary New Roadway Intelligence Platform

Rekor One has been adopted by various government agencies including those looking to identify unpaid parking violations and increase efficiency through smart parking and permitting management.

Woman sits at a laptop with graphs on the screenRekor Systems Announces eCommerce Platform

Rekor’s new eCommerce platform enables self-service sign-up and a range of subscriptions for Watchman Vehicle Recognition Platform and CarCheck Vehicle Recognition API.


Women in a car take a shoe from a shopping bagRekor Helps VeroGo Seamlessly Reward Loyal Shoppers with Real-Time Perks

Watchman is helping VeroGo to reward customers with discounted parking fees for in-store purchases at retail locations across Brazil.


  • ANPR Solutions
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems
  • Enforcement Management Solution
  • Licence Plate Readers
  • License Plate Camera
  • License Plate Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition Camera
  • License Plate Recognition Cameras
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • LPR Cameras
  • Mobile Apps
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  • Parking Application
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Parking Management
  • Parking Management Solutions
  • Parking Management System
  • Permit Management
  • Permit Management Software
  • Software for Parking Management

Product information

Rekor: Streamline Your Parking Experience

CarCheck: Vehicle Recognition API

An icon of a red car in a snapshot with a green tick box on either sideCarCheck is an API that analyzes still images of vehicles from over 80 countries and responds with license plate data, as well as vehicle make, model, color, and direction of travel. 

Leverage CarCheck's advanced vehicle recognition in your parking operations business to seamlessly automate access control, accept contactless payments, locate late/no-payment offenders, and increase overall revenue.

  • Automated Access Control
  • Pay-By-Plate Integration
  • Volume Analysis Reporting

AutoNotice: Permit and Citation Management

Icon of a tablet screen showing a bar graph and a dollar signAutoNotice is an all-inclusive solution that enables the simple management of all aspects of parking operations, from a single dashboard. In addition to recognizing vehicles for access, payment, and reporting, the AutoNotice platform can manage inventory, handle permits, and citation issuance. This all-inclusive solution simplifies all aspects of parking operations management from a single dashboard.

  • Issue permits
  • Process payments
  • View detailed reports


Rekor Go: ALPR In Your Hand

Icon of a smartphone screen displaying a red car and blue and green squaresA first-of-its-kind mobile application, Rekor Go brings the power of accurate Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR) to the commercial market. Easily allow and/or prevent access to parking facilities through whitelists and blacklists.




Rekor Edge: Fixed License Plate and Vehicle Recognition System

Icon of a yellow license plate recognition cameraRekor Edge Series is a family of vehicle recognition systems that seamlessly capture and process vehicle data. The systems can be easily mounted to a building or pole and are available in three different models, depending on read distance and lane coverage needed.

Rekor Edge 300:

  • 120 mph max capture speed
  • 700 ft max capture range
  • IP67 outdoor rated, NEMA 4

Rekor Edge 70:

  • 2 lane coverage
  • 70 mph max capture speed
  • 175 ft max capture range

Check out the Rekor Edge Series Spec Sheet to find out more.

Rekor Scout™: Vehicle Recognition Software

Laptop with a screen showing lots of graphsRekor Scout™ enables accurate automatic license plate and vehicle recognition on nearly any IP, traffic, or security camera. Detection results are displayed on a web-based interface, which can be accessed from anywhere. Installation is quick and easy, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes and homeowners alike.

Check out the Rekor Scout™ Spec Sheet to find out more. 


NEW Rekor Box

Rekor BoxRekor Box is a complete AI-powered analytics device capable of processing multiple streams of video. Built for the roadside, it delivers low-power computing capabilities in a small, easy-to-deploy unit and provides real-time, secure system monitoring, while being compatible with a wide range of commercial and security algorithms/applications.

Check out the Rekor Box Spec Sheet.

Rekor Academy

Check out the Rekor Academy to find out short, how-to training videos to help you get the most out of your Rekor products, including this video about Rekor Scout™:

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