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Safer Place develops an innovative, award-winning video-based technology platform to enhance traffic and parking violation enforcement. Our unified solution detects high-risk dangerous driving violations and is backed by a complete suite of applications and expert professional services. Safer Place delivers reliable, field proven technology with fixed, mobile, portable and handheld deployment options.

Our unified platform detects high-risk violations, including failure to yield or to obey traffic signs, illegal turns, texting while driving, crossing a solid line and a wide range of other dangerous moving and parking violations. Our solutions support automatic ticketing, privacy protection and evidence presentation based on high quality videos and photos.

Safer Place customers benefit from smooth and rapid deployment as well as seamless integration with legacy applications and databases. Safer Place technology creates new revenue streams for customers, with low Total Cost of Ownership and no upfront investment.

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Headquarters location PO Box: 65254
Tel Aviv
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  • Citation Issuance / Processing / Enforcement
  • Enforcement
  • Enforcement Management Solution
  • Enforcement Vehicles
  • Handheld Enforcement
  • Online Enforcement
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Photo Enforcement

Product information

Traffic Enforcement Solutions enforcement solutions

In town or on the freeway, Safer Place solutions improve road safety significantly by making enforcement more effective. In any weather, day or night, our platform-agnostic solutions automatically detect and document high-risk moving traffic violations, including:

  • Failure to yield
  • Mobile texting
  • Disobey traffic signs
  • Driving on shoulder
  • Crossing solid line
  • Illegal turns
  • Driving in public lanes


Parking Violation Detection Parking Violation Detection

Safer Place delivers innovative technology to improve enforcement of all types of urban parking violations. Our unique ‘presence’ feature enables municipal authorities to detect the presence of a driver in or nearby the car during a parking violation. Safer Place video based solutions detect a wide range of violations including:

  • Occupy spaces for the disabled 
  • Blocking the sidewalk
  • Parking on a crosswalk
  • Obstruction of bus stops
  • Double parking and lane blocking
  • Parking in no-stop zones

Customer Benefits

Safer Place helps police and law enforcement agencies to detect non-conventional, high-risk traffic violations. The improvement of traffic enforcement increases road safety, reduces dangerous driving and prevents serious or fatal injury to pedestrians. For municipalities, Safer Place technology offers an efficient, effective and affordable solution to improve the enforcement of parking violations.

Full Suite of ApplicationsFull Suite of Applications

Safer Place solutions include a wide range of intuitive, ready-to-use applications. Our applications interface seamlessly with existing and legacy system applications and databases.

  • Ticketing: Increase accuracy and volume of ticketing process and produce high quality video and photos to present as evidence in court.
  • Reporting Tools: Generate reports based on violation type, time period, zone areas and workforce staff. Get video playback for each violation and generate visual charts and graphs.
  • Workforce Management: Get up-to-date, online information about location of officers, number of tickets and details of each ticket.
  • System Administration: Define user permissions and roles, update database of streets, categorize violations and import data from any legacy system.
  • Evidence Presentation: Produce high quality video and photo evidence, ensure privacy protection and full archiving of records.

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