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Schick Electronic S.A, designs, develops and manufactures its products in Switzerland to satisfy our clients with advanced technology for parking management. The range of products includes detectors, displays, and software.

The Parking Guidance System plays a key role in modern car parks, providing a pleasant experience to the users and benefits to the car park owners.   


The displays gently guide the users from the moment they approach the parking lot, showing the number of available parking spaces with arrows indicating where the closest available spaces are.



The detectors detect vehicles in real-time, showing the status of the car park space to the users of the parking lot.



The Software WinSP provides statistical information and can be connected to the existing emergency alarms, barrier gates, and other hardware components. Furthermore, it has an open protocol that empowers information exchange between the user and the system.




Schick Electronic S.A. has equipped more than 500,000 car park spaces worldwide and has nearly 30 agents that help to manage existing and upcoming projects.

The Signal-Park Parking Guidance System is designed for very busy car parks, regardless of size. The PGS is especially advantageous for multi-storey car parks, where motorists often find themselves driving around in vain to find a space. The system ensures they will find one by guiding them in real-time, by floor, zone, and lane.

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Company information

Headquarters location Avenue des Baumettes 9
1020 Renens
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Founded in
Founded by

Philippe Schick

Company Size
50 employees worldwide

Recent projects

Dubai – UAE
Spaces: 600
Year: 2018


Siège RTL 

Paris – France
Space – 75
Year - 2018



Siège M6

Paris – France                                                                
Spaces – 65
Year – 2018



El-Salam Tolip Hotel

Alexandria – Egypte
Spaces: 1200
Year: 2018



Parking du Seyon
Neuchâtel – Switzerland
Spaces: 400
Year: 2018


Coop Heimberg Centre
Heimberg – Switzerland
Spaces: 143
Year: 2018


3M Migros Yverdon3M Migros Yverdon
Yverdon – Switzerland
Spaces: 300
Year: 2015
Shopping Mall

Bowsher MallBowsher Mall
Baushar – Oman
Spaces: 1350
Year: 2015
Shopping Mall

Parking la Forge ColognyParking La Forge Cologny
Geneva – Switzerland
Spaces: 70
Year: 2015

Parking VillonParking Villon
Paris – France
Spaces: 1710
Year: 2015



  • Car Park Management Systems
  • Car Parking Guidance Systems
  • Reservation / Pre-Booking Systems
  • Space Counters / Displays
  • Vehicle Presence Detection Sensors

Product information


The Signal-Park navigating system is designed for very busy car parks, regardless of size, though at least 20 spaces are required. It is especially advantageous for multi-storey car parks where motorists often find themselves driving round in vain to find a space. The system ensures they will find one by guiding them directly to it in real-time, by floor, zone, and lane. The system works with any kind of four-wheeled motor vehicles but is not suitable for two-wheeled vehicles.

A Revolutionary Management Concept for Modern Car Parks

The key principles of the Signal-Park concept, when applied to a busy car park, are simple – but revolutionary.

Because, at last, individual places can be constantly (and cheaply) monitored, it becomes possible to market guaranteed and pre-allocated places to the consuming public in real-time: for cash or as an incentive.

The computer-controlled, Signal-Park management system alters, instantaneously, specially positioned illuminated signs and indicators, in accordance with changing occupancy: giving instant guidance – visible at a distance of 100 yards.

Web Interface WEB SP

Web Interface Web SPNew web interface for car park management is the result of 40 years of experience, innovation and development of parking guidance systems to precisely meet our clients' requirements. It is designed for all types of car parks and is suitable for every parking environment. Web SP provides real-time reporting, statistics for individual parking spaces, and the status of each SP component, ensuring the most efficient management of the car park. 

Vehicle Detector 



Sensor and Light Indicator

Sensor and Light Indicator

Flex or Finger

Flex or Finger

Dynamic Information Signs

Benefits for the Parking Operator 

SIGNAL-PARK is a profitable investment, which can earn back its cost in a single year because it guarantees:

  • Opportunity to increase hourly rates
  • Increased number of parking spaces
  • Greater profit
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Occupancy rates optimized
  • Lower surveillance costs
  • A significant drop in pollution
  • Straightforward easy management and control
  • Detection and reporting of illegally parked cars
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less power consumption
  • Meters no longer require updating
  • Faster vehicle shifting
  • Instant daily, weekly, quarterly and annual statistics
  • Ongoing inspection of installation operation

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