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SenSen Networks Ltd (ASX:SNS) is the world’s leading enterprise Data Fusion solutions provider specializing in using Sensor AI to solve previously unsolved enterprise business problems. We venture into a daring organization continually reinventing. Our customer-centric approach to solving problems is driven by a frontline team of domain experts and data scientists. They help define user requirements and guide the development of innovative solutions customized for each unique operational environment. Yet all products in the SenSen suite are configurations of our groundbreaking software platform “SenSen’s Distributed Intelligent Sensor Analytics” - SenDISA, bringing the comfort of a proven system with extensive real-world success behind it. We have deployed multiple applications across law enforcement, transport, gaming, retail, and transportation. Our solutions can be expanded into other sectors as well so watch out as we roll out solutions for logistics, manufacturing, defense, mining, education, sports, and more.
We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and turning what seem like impossible problems into working solutions.

We do this by listening to the issues faced by customers, working intensely with them to resolve their pain points, and building inventions that work based on our deep understanding of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Fusion.

Sensor AI and Our Platform

We have been developing SenDISA for well over a decade with multiple patents protecting the intellectual property associated with it, and the technology acquired from Snap Surveillance has similar provenance, maturity and IP protection. Our platform gathers data from multiple live and recorded camera feeds as well as data from all popular sensors in real time – including GPS, Bluetooth, Radar, audio, Lidar, PIR motion sensors and other IoT devices – then analyses the data to find patterns and trends hidden within it.

Three critical components work together – data fusion, AI algorithms, software – to produce results that improve the productivity and safety of our customers’ operations and deliver business insights that are otherwise impossible to obtain from traditional data sources.

At SenSen, we optimize the mix between existing customers and emerging R&D technology in the lab. We look through a commercial lens. While our focus is on building out our ARR and sales networks, in parallel we continue to build our patent vault and work on new inventions in our Emerging Solutions laboratory with industry partners in sports analytics, aged care, logistics, and homeland security.

  • Corporate Values
  • Integrity – Always doing the right thing, and bringing the values into all businesses, customer and employee relations
  • Ingenuity – developing innovative AI solutions to solve customers’ everyday problems, reducing labor-intensive tasks – Solving the impossible
  • Excellence – partnering with customers to deliver beyond their expectations
  • Ingenuity by Design
  • To be ingenious by design is to be in a state of constant evolution


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Headquarters location 300 S. 4th Street Suite 180
Nevada 89101
Las Vegas
United States
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  • Automated Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Enforcement
  • Mobile Enforcement Application
  • Parking Software
  • Smart Parking Solutions

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Smart Curb Management

The curbside has always been a place for walking and loitering. But in just the past decade, smartphone technology has enabled new transportation services, all of them looking for their own bit of the terrain. The curb is home to bike share programs and cycling lanes that help their users get around safely. It’s a spot to pick up and drop off passengers (Uber, Lyft, Chariot, Via, public buses and streetcars, paratransit) and things (UPS, FedEx, Instacart, Postmates).

Cities have found creative ways to charge for parking spots, experimenting with tech that adjusts prices based on demand, and started to realize they need more tools to manage that valuable curbside space. It’s the most valuable space that a city owns and one of the most underutilized.
Our curbside management solutions provide some of these tools from measuring occupancy to enforcing specific by-laws relevant to the different sub-segments of the curb

Fixed Cameras & SensorsFixed Cameras & Sensors

We have developed the world’s first fixed camera parking enforcement solution over cloud. Our breakthrough allows continuous monitoring of vehicles parked within school zones, bus zones, and clearways, also checks for illegally dumped rubbish. It is an accurate and automated fixed parking enforcement solution designed to undertake all parking enforcement applications. The solution continuously monitors activity and creates evidentiary material with infringement data including photos and video when further action is required.

Mobile Cameras & SensorsMobile Cameras & Sensors

Our Mobile solution consists of a number of critical proprietary software and hardware components. The modules are carefully chosen and packaged to meet customer requirements from weatherproof roof pods to roof-mounted light bars. This modular approach allows us to deliver complete end-to-end city council solutions to meet all mobile enforcement needs.

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Fixed Cameras PDFMobile Cameras & Sensors

Smart Parking 

Parking is a tough problem, and it’s a common issue for many cities across the globe. Cities want to provide drivers a stress-free experience when they visit the city center and shopping areas. Parking can be challenging during busy times, and with traffic flow in and out of the parking areas, there needs to be a way to guide cars quickly and efficiently to speed up the parking process. Municipalities face the challenge of keeping businesses happy while also providing a welcoming atmosphere to customers when an influx of traffic occurs.

Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement

Our end-to-end automated violation detection system works more effectively in capturing illegal parking in and around the cities to benefit the commuters with safer parking options. The increasing shift towards smart parking across the globe raises the need for solutions that can capture and handle vital information such as vehicle permits and boot lists.
SenSen’s highly professional end-to-end system allows tickets to be generated for mailing and a fine collection of offenders paying before the deadline.
As tickets are accompanied by high-quality photographs taken at the time of the offense, such overwhelming evidence means offenders are less likely to mount futile legal appeals.

Parking Occupancy and Guidancesensen Parking Guidance

Our system combines a low-cost CCTV/smartphone with a sophisticated algorithm running on a cloud processing platform able to calculate occupancy, time, vacancy, and overstays. The solution monitors and reports illegal use of reserved parking bays, sends alerts, and delivers information in near real-time to parking management systems. A cost-effective way to monitor car park occupancy and on-street parking bays without the need for expensive infrastructure.

Payment & Permit Compliance

sensen Payment & Permit Compliance

End-to-end automated violation detection solution consisting of hardware, software, and a cloud back office with robust evidence generation for non-payment or expired parking infringements. Highly customizable with dynamic threshold time limits and business rules. This accurate compliance solution comes with real-time enforcement using image-based detection, capture, and reading, as well as hardware/software and integration with external systems. High-definition camera surveillance and ANPR with full photo documentation with time/date stamps, vehicle make and model, and real-time secure data transfer to the cloud for central management of evidence, extensive analytics, insights, alerts, and citations.

Gated and Gateless ANPR Access Control
Automated Access Control

Accurate and simple-to-implement LPR and Access Control combined parking management solutions suitable for most parking requirements. We improve the parking experience for motorists by removing the inconvenience of waiting for Access Control Card utilization at entry. Highly customizable and available in different solution configurations based on requirements.


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Parking Guidance PDFAutomated Access Control PDFOccupancy PDF