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300 S. 4th Street Suite 180

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SenSen Networks Ltd(ASX:SNS) is a pioneer in developing the world’s first Live Awareness AI Platform to make business operations safer and more efficient. The system works by using AI to analyse data from cameras and sensors that are monitoring physical spaces and combine it with contextually relevant digital enterprise data to create a more efficient & safer world.

SenSen solutions are reducing congestion, improving road and personal safety and enhancing quality of life in leading cities around the world including Chicago, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Calgary, Singapore, Adelaide and Brisbane. It is also saving millions of dollars every year for major fuel retail brands including Ampol, Chevron, Liberty and Woolworths.

Our Mission

AI is set to become almost ubiquitous. The Internet of Everything will network the most significant terrestrial objects. The intrinsically physical will be blended with the natively digital, across all areas of human activity.

SenSen’s Live Awareness technology is set to become the world’s data unification and sense-making platform, finding patterns in this cacophony, and delivering insight into human and artificial intelligence. For a more efficient world with better outcomes.


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Headquarters location 300 S. 4th Street Suite 180
Nevada 89101
Las Vegas
United States
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  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Barrier/barrierless off-street parking
  • Bay monitoring
  • Digital Permits
  • Parking and Access Control
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Parking Management Solutions
  • Traffic Surveillance
  • Way finding

Product information

Parking Management Solution

We work with city councils and the private sector to reduce road accidents, ease traffic congestion and automated monotonous, laborious tasks. By applying ingenuity, we strengthen local economies and improve urban life.


Smart Curb Management:

Supporting efficient access and dynamic pricing of the curb while reducing congestion and improving safety providing tools from measuring occupancy to enforcing specific by-laws relevant to the different sub-segments of the curb.

Smart Parking:

Our solutions empower cities to make their parking spaces smarter and fairer supporting parking guidance, access control, payment, and permit compliance.

Infrastructure Audit:

Digitalising and auditing asset owned and maintained by smart cities to help residents, city councils, and governments to understand, audit, and plan the future to cope with the growing urbanization of our cities.

Road Safety:

Our road safety solutions empower governments across the globe to address road safety problems by working with cities to help save lives through targeted enforcement of safety regulations.

Traffic and Tolling:

Our Traffic analytics solutions are designed to help cities to measure and manage traffic flows by delivering rapidly deployable solutions that are affordable and accurate.

Surveillance Solutions

With AI-powered features like multi-camera tracking, tag-and-track functionality, and automatic camera mapping, SenTRACK transforms individual cameras into an integrated network for effective tracking of people, vehicles, and objects. Seamlessly integrated with Milestone XProtect, SenTRACK supports live and archived video pursuit and instant video export to allow increased situational awareness and more effective response to incidents.

Fuel Retail Solutions

SenSen works with fuel retailers to reduce and recover losses from fuel theft. Our system detects and prevents fuel theft, automates the incident reporting process, and manages debt recovery. This is achieved through the use of high-definition digital security cameras integrated with our industry leading cloud based platform. Scancam’s award winning technology tackles the drive off problem head on and uses a multifaceted approach to stamp out this crime.

Gaming Solution

SenSen offers a complete table game management solution that provides real-time slot-like analytics to casinos. Our system accurately collects table data and provides bet analytics that helps understand the player and dealer attributes. SenGAME allows casinos to dynamically ’tweak’ employee rosters to determine where best to allocate resources based on the demand, as opposed to relying on intuition.

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