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MOBILISIS - Intelligent Traffic Solutions 


MobilisisSICK Mobilisis is a Croatian subsidiary of one of the world's leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications in the industrial sector.

SICK Mobilisis develops innovative sensor systems, complete solutions, and related cloud applications for digital location systems in the context of Industry 4.0. We bridge the gap between sensors and IT and are integrated into the client ecosystem at the object, machine, and process level. We offer clients professional consulting, partnership, and project management. An agile approach and local presence differentiate us from the competition, and we take full responsibility for the complete life cycle of the implemented solutions.

Since SICK Mobilisis has been founded, we have driven our innovations around Industry 4.0, IoT and mobility. Our employees have always played a significant role in our development. We employ highly respected professionals whose individual differences strengthen our teams. As SICK, we can offer solutions and digital sensor system services for specific user applications even faster, and meet our customers', employees', suppliers', business partners' and wider community's expectations to an even greater extent.

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Headquarters location Varazdinska Ulica - Odvojak II 7
42000 Varazdin
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Recent projects

Mobilisis develops MagSense RPS – a parking sensor with radar technology

Ground sensors on parking spots 

The Radar Parking Sensor (RPS) is a fully autonomous and wireless parking sensor reinforced with a dual housing. The patented magnetometer, in combination with radar technology, enables reliable vehicle detection accuracy. The purpose of the radar module built into the sensor is to detect that small percentage of vehicles that have always been difficult or impossible to detect due to magnetic shadows. This was particularly emphasized in vehicles that are tall or contain multiple aluminium or plastic parts. The RPS, which comes in two different models (LoRa and NB IoT), can send parking data directly to the Cloud platform. The built-in battery, supported by an intelligent power management system, guarantees a long service life with minimal maintenance. The integrated Bluetooth Low Energy communication module makes the system easily expandable and helpful.

Mobilisis offers a Smart Parking solution for trucks

Trucks parked at the parking lot

In cooperation with NarrowBand network infrastructure provider Telekom Slovenija and DARS, the leading Slovenian highway company, a pilot project was successfully carried out at the beginning of November when we implemented NB-IoT parking sensors at a truck parking lot near Postojna in Slovenia.

For the first time, as a part of this project, MOBILISIS installed the latest version of the MagSense RPS radar sensor in two truck parking spots. The other truck parking spots are covered by another model of NB-IoT sensor. All data is monitored on the Parking Cloud platform of Telekom Slovenija, where testing and analysis of data obtained from NB-IoT parking sensors is performed.

The first test data showed sensor reliability and accuracy in the detection of trucks.

Mobilisis sensor technology in parking spots for disabled

Worker installing sensors in disabled parking spot

Norwegian capital Oslo announced a tender for the implementation of sensor technology to detect the presence of vehicles in parking spots for disabled. In cooperation with our partner EMCOM AS and the main Norwegian Telekom operator Telenor, the MOBILISIS NBPS parking sensor successfully passed very demanding testing procedures and proved to be the most reliable and the best solution for distant parking spots. This was a big challenge because there are parking spots all over the city, and they are located near tram stations and under the influence of very strong magnetic fields. Another challenge was setting up the sensors so that they do not register electric scooters.

MOBILISIS becomes Scheidt & Bachmann parking equipment representative

Car entering parking lot

At the beginning of 2021, Mobilisis became an official partner of Scheidt & Bachmann. Scheidt & Bachmann is one of the leading manufacturers of indoor parking equipment with more than 3,000 employees in 50 countries. The Scheidt & Bachmann Entervo parking system is a world-renowned brand that guarantees security when investing in parking lots, high-quality and long-lasting equipment, systemically open software solutions, easy upgrades and individual configuration options according to user specifications. Among other things, S&B offers ramps, entry-exit terminals, billing stations, systems with LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras, parking without the use of paper parking cards and all kinds of current payment methods on the market.

Implementing Smart parking solutions on the island of Čiovo and in Trogir, Croatia

Two images of entrance to the outdoor parking lot

Mobilisis has implemented the entire Smart parking solution and fiscalisation system on the island of Čiovo in Croatia. In cooperation with long-term partner A1 Croatia, a total of 189 NB-IoT sensors were installed on the main and busiest street in town. As part of the implementation, a total of 7 parking machines were equipped with TDC-E200 Fiscal devices that fiscalise each payment transaction in real time. LED Displays which show available parking spots were also installed for all parking spots. All data is processed within the MagSense platform and is also displayed on the smartphone mobile driver navigation application. The process which is underway is integration with the RAO billing service which will complete the entire smart parking project and its application in smart cities of tomorrow by the beginning of the summer season. The same day the solution was implemented on Čiovo, NBIoT parking sensors were installed at the Fortin parking lot in Trogir, Croatia.


  • Cloud parking management system
  • Integrated parking solution
  • Parking systems for EV chargers
  • Smart Parking Solutions
  • Traffic counting solutions

Product information

Radar Parking Sensor (RPS) 

Radar Parking Sensor (RPS) is a fully autonomous and wireless parking sensor enhanced with a dual housing. The patented magnetometer in combination with radar technology enables reliable accuracy of vehicle detection. The RPS, which comes in two different models (LoRa and NB IoT), can send parking data directly to the Cloud platform. The built-in battery backed by an intelligent power management system guarantees long life, with minimal maintenance. The integrated Bluetooth Low Energy communication module makes the system easily expandable and helpful.


Parking Platform 

Image with laptop, tablet and smartphone in itThe parking platform offers wide range of tools for management, control and monitoring of parking systems.

Data collected using connected sensors is collected, stored and processed in central Cloud system.

The system enables wholesome solution for sensor monitoring, event tracking and parking statistics. Tools provided are essential for smart parking infrastructure.

Parking App

MagSense App enables cities, municipalities and companies to easily provide drivers with real-time parking information.

Tailored to fit customer’s needs, the app helps drivers easily find and navigate to an available parking spot, be it curbside or in a parking facility.

Parking Systems for EV Charging 

The parking system for electric vehicle charging stations accurately detects every parked vehicle in front of the charging station, regardless of vehicle type, current traffic or weather conditions.

The parking sensor also easily retrieves information from the e-charger if the vehicle is using a charging station. All this information is transmitted to the Cloud in real-time. The delivery of information to portals or navigation devices is a routine task, and thus complete and useful information on the availability of the charging station is finally obtained.

LED Informative Display 

Portfolio of LED display products consists of LD3SegV2 (numeric three-digit display), LD4SegV2 (numeric four-digit display) and Arrow display (combination of arrow and red cross).

The LD3SegV2 and LD4SegV2 are LED displays used for displaying live data on number of available parking spots. Embedded photosensors enable brightness adjustments, thus further conserving power. As with other Mobilisis products, LED displays feature rich suite of connectivity protocols, such as RS232, RS485, or CAN.

3DTC Traffic Counter 

Utilizing a new patented magnetic field sensors detection loop, connected to high-speed network, the 3DTC Traffic counter opens new possibilities in counting vehicles with MagSense products.

The 3DTC Traffic counter is state-of-the-art system for accurate and reliable vehicle counting and detecting regardless of weather, surface or traffic condition at the speeds of up to 220 km/h.

Trajector - Detection Vehicle Parameters

Trajector is designed for city streets and roads, accurately detecting vehicle trajectory (speed, direction, following distance), as well as detecting scale of congestions.

The system measures speed passing vehicles, substituting lidar or radar solutions.

Based on MagSense sensors – a 3-axis magnetic field sensor, and utilizing MagSense parking controller, the system provides accurate real time data. The compact sensor size enables its installation easily into the road surface.

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