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SOFTRA is a leader in the development and installation of parking lot management systems based on license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Hundreds of our customers in Europe and the United States have enjoyed our systems since 2008. SOFTRA is known as a.Lot Parking in the United States.

SOFTRA developed the state-of-the-art high recognition percentage LPR, that empowers reliable LPR usage without the other duplicating vehicle validation technologies, like RFID, tickets, mobile phones, etc. Just the pure LPR!

The SOFTRA’s LPR has a high recognition percentage, even in the seasons, when license plates are usually very dirty. It was proved on field conditions and is officially certified over 99 % of the recognition percentage.

  1. Competence and Experience
    SOFTRA has been an LPR systems developer and installer since 2008. It is a Danish and Lithuanian company. SOFTRA’s activities cover Europe, the United States, and other markets.

  2. Flexibility and Accessibility
    SOFTRA’s organizational structure allows reliable and fast internal communication and decision making with less bureaucracy and more interpersonal relations. All employees are competent in their field and also possess deep knowledge of the other team members' fields.

  3. Commitment to Quality
    Customers’ functional and quality requirements, keeping budget and schedule, fault prevention, as well as non-stop analysis and learning: all of this is our daily focus.


 SOFTRA’s vision is actually encoded in our slogan – “Promoting practical intelligence” – stating that innovations should not only impress people, but also bring practical benefit to the society.

Company information

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