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The company STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH is an independent medium-sized plant engineering and construction enterprise with its headquarters in Achern, south of Karlsruhe, Germany. Established in 1963, our core business today is the development and manufacture of automated storage and supply systems, through which we have become one of the leading vendors in Europe. The central business area of storage systems is supplemented by the branches machine construction & steel construction as well as the conceptual design and erection of car parking systems.

On a production floor space of approximately 13,000 square metres our team of over 200 primarily manufactures storage systems for all kinds of storable goods with the focus on sheet metal and long materials.

Our references include over 1600 completed projects worldwide – both by way of integrated automation modules for processing machinery and also by way of standalone equipment for various storage tasks.

Until 31.12.2012 the business area automatic car parking systems operated under the name of Stolzer Parkhaus GmbH & Co. KG. To make target groups more aware of the advantages and emphasise of the company’s many years of experience in automation, Stolzer Parkhaus GmbH & Co. KG has become a brand of STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH. The Creation of the brand will make it possible to target potential customers separately.

This range of production activities is supplemented by our retrofit services- and after sales services, providing to our national and international customers the highest degree regarding availability and long-term return on investment.

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Headquarters location Industriestr. 12
77855 Achern-Gamshurst
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  • Automated Parking Solutions
  • Automatic Parking Garage
  • Car Garage Lift
  • Car Parking Lift
  • Car Stacker
  • Design / Build
  • Engineers & Architects
  • Garage Construction
  • Modular car parks
  • Multi Level Car Parking System
  • Parking Garage System
  • Parking Lift
  • Parking Structure Design

Product information

Parking System Auto-LP    

For narrow spaces, for parking up to 60 vehicles with one storage and retrieval unit in a maximum headroom of up to 16 m in an underground, above ground or mixed structure.

The parking system auto-LP was designed for narrow buildings. It may be used to park more vehicles in an existing garage. Or for redevelopment projects or for new construction with very limited space. It allows for parking of up to 60 vehicles including SUVs within a max. headroom of 16 m or 8 parking levels and a max. length of 100 m, under ground, above ground or in a mixed structure.

The parking system auto- LP offers two modular versions, depending on the location of the transfer room. There is an auto-LMP version with the transfer room being located in the center of the parking system between the rack areas and a auto-LPS version with the transfer room being located above the rack area. For planners and architects this means maximum flexibility to define the location and size of the space as well as to organize the traffic pattern.

Parking System Auto-UP     

Universal parking system for parking up to 100 vehicles with 1 Storage and retrieval unit in a max. height of 20 m, as an underground, above ground or mixed solution.

The parking system auto-UP is the universal parking system, that enables you to build more parking places more economically in office buildings, hotels, residential buildings or public parking systems. About 100 parking places for various vehicle heights can be handled by only 1 storage and retrieval unit in a max. height of 20 m.

The parking places can be located either in a free standing steel rack structure or in a concrete structure with intermediate slabs.

A pallet quick change solution enables short cycle times, even in a double row arrangement with 2 vehicles behind each other. The vehicles can be parked and retrieved in driving direction.

Parking System Auto-SP  

Universal parking system for high throughput capacity and a high number of parking places in an underground, above ground or mixed solution.

This parking system auto-SP was designed for a high number of parking places and a high throughput capacity. Due to its modular design it can be adapted to a wide variety of building requirements. The combination of vertical car lifts and horizontal shuttles serving every parking level allows for various flexible designs.

Hundreds of parking places can be handled. This parking system model can be built above ground, underground or in a structure that spans both. Various vehicle heights can be accommodated. The rack structure can be built above ground, under ground ar in a structure that spans both. The parking places are held in a concrete building structure.

Due to its high throughput capacity the parking system auto-SP is suitable for public usage even in peak hours with high traffic volume.


Parking System Auto-TP  

For small surface areas, for parking up to 100 vehicles with one storage and retrieval unit in a headroom of up to 50 m feet above ground, underground or in a mixed structure.

12 parking levels and 1 transfer level with 8 parking levels for sedan cars and 4 parking levels for SUVs? Several transfer rooms to increase throughput capacity? 18 parking levels and 2 transfer levels? 2 transfer rooms with car lifts?

The parking system auto-TP can adapted to a wide variety of ideas and local situations. Due to its modular design it may be built to a headroom of up to 50 m. Transfer rooms can be located on any parking level. By using a car lift, the transfer rooms also can be located above the parking system.

The rack structure can be built above ground, under ground or in a mixed configuration. The shelves are either located in a free standing steel structure (above ground) or in a concrete building with intermediate slabs (under ground). To increase throughput capacity several transfer rooms may be used.



Transfer Room 

Vehicles are parked in the transfer room in the driving direction. They will be monitored for proper positioning and, via turntable and the storage and retrieval unit, they will be transported onto an empty shelf of a rack structure. The driver does not enter the parking system.




For parking, the vehicle will be turned to the exit direction once the parking position on the platform was validated and it is confirmed that passengers have exited the vehicle. Then the vehicle will be parked by the conveying system. By using a turntable, the driving direction may be angled in the transfer room.



Storage and Retrieval Unit  

The automated parking system allows for twice as many spaces as a conventional garage. This is because the storage and retrieval unit moves based on a horizontal X and a vertical Z axis. A horizontal Y axis services the shelves within the rack structure.


Rack Structure  

The free standing rack structure with attached facade, or a free standing solution in a building space, is designed as a solid steel structure. The vehicles are parked on pallets. A concrete structure can be used in place of steel. In a concrete structure, the pallet rails will be doweled to the concrete slabs in the parking Levels.

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