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Streetline delivers simple, cost-effective solutions for building and sustaining Smart Cities. We believe in the power of innovation and information to transform our cities into communicative, efficient systems, and were committed to actualizing the game-changing possibilities that Smart Cities presentfrom a reduced environmental footprint to better deployment of resources.

We recognize that as our cities become more crowded and as increased population places more demand on city infrastructures, urban development can no longer rely on anecdotal evidence and fragmented data. Instead, it must be informed by a sophisticated understanding of the actual activity happening within a city. Smart development is sustainable development: it uses data to measure and optimize resources in ways that also increase revenue and promote green practices.

That kind of win-win situation doesnt happen just anywhere. It happens where information technology and innovation meet to create a solution greater than the sum of its parts. It happens at Streetline. We connect the real world. And we make it smarter.

Streetline is a privately held corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California. The primary investor is a leading Palo Alto, California based venture capital firm of Sutter Hill Ventures.

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