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Via Gaetano Donizetti 1



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Via Gaetano Donizetti 1

Mairano , 25030



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Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies in visual computing and embedded artificial intelligence (AI), Tattile has developed solutions capable of providing vehicle profiling based on the recognition of the brand, model and class and also on tracking the origin.

Information is provided by a single source, transforming the camera into a real Big Data Collector allowing data to be used for several purposes:

  • Safer parking
  • Smart Parking
  • Statistics for customer profiling through Model and Origin
  • Payment differentiation (based on vehicle Class)

With a very high accuracy in ANPR, embedded processing technology and the capability to store data directly on board, Tattile can ensure very high performances and a leading position in the smart and barrierless parking applications.

Company information

Headquarters location Via Gaetano Donizetti 1
25030 Mairano
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Currently owned by: TKH Group

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  • Access Control
  • ANPR Solutions
  • Enforcement
  • Number Plate Recognition
  • OCR Recognition
  • Parking Application
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Vehicle Profiling
  • Vehicle Recognition through Brand Color Class add-on (BCC)