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Saturnusstraat 14, Apollo14, unit 4.18

2516 AH

The Hague

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Saturnusstraat 14, Apollo14, unit 4.18

The Hague , 2516 AH

The Netherlands

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Yazamtec is the most innovative company in fields of IoT smart parking, parking analytics based on AI, and parking digitalization leveraging blockchain technologies. Our headquarter is in The Hague, Netherlands. In the past three years, we grew from a national company to a global provider serving more than ten countries in the world. The deployment includes cities and corporate businesses such as Tallassee Florida off-street parking in the US, and EV parking in Rotterdam.

Our Mission

Because we value our clients’ business and want them to increase their parking revenue, we offer our customers the ParkingHero portfolio the most up-to-date and efficient smart parking technologies available in the market.

Our Vision

With our focus continually on increasing parking revenue for our customers, our Matrix blockchain-based solution for parking management, monetization, and enforcement, along with our growing global network of expert partners, we will become the number one leader of the intelligent parking industry.

Our Cultures

We believe that having fun makes us more engaged and creative, but also everything we do we do it together.

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Company information

Headquarters location Saturnusstraat 14, Apollo14, unit 4.18
2516 AH The Hague
The Netherlands
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Recent projects

 The largest smart parking project of The NetherlandsThe largest smart parking project of The Netherlands

Municipality of The Hague partners with YazamTec to resolve the ever-growing traffic woes in the busy city centre by implementing a city-wide parking automation system; setting it on track to become a truly super smart city.


The Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi The award winning smart city project

The Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi spreads across an impressive eight kilometers of manicured waterfront that includes children’s play areas, separate cycle and pedestrian pathways, cafés and restaurants, and the Corniche Beach – a lifeguarded beach park.YAZAMTEC was invited by its local partner iWire to trial the Parking Hero solution. The purpose of this pilot is to collect real-time/historic to optimize the yield and the availability of the parking capacity. 

UAE DubaiTransforming the parking experience in the government offices

UAE is known for it’s unique ministry of happiness. Each and every citizen is at the center of the government strategies to improve the life quality and the opportunities for all of the society.Parking Hero solution was implemented to provide real time visibility and guidance to the dedicated disabled parking places across the different government buildings. This solution is helping the drivers to always reach a vacant spot without even looking for it.


  • Analytics
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Customer Service
  • Data Analytics
  • IoT Technologies
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobility
  • Parking App
  • Parking Application
  • Parking Data
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions
  • Parking Sensor Solutions
  • Smart Parking Solutions

Product information

Parking Hero Matrix solution and its benefits

Parking Hero Matrix is a blockchain based solution for parking management, monetisation and enforcement.
The platform enables the integration of any parking location (street, off-street, private, business , individual ) into a universal, distributed ledger.

The nature of the ledger is immutable and impossible to temper with, allowing all the parties involved (parking owners, managers and enforcers) to transact in a highly transparent, secure and trustworthy fashion. No need for financial reconciliations and costly processing , all the parties have immediate access to settlement between the parties involved. Parking Hero Matrix is a blockchain based solution for parking management, monetisation and enforcement.

The solution features

  • Management of any parking location : Pricing, regulations, restrictions etc.
  • Monetisation of any parking location : Allowing multi payment providers via multi channel such as mobile/web applications, API, payment stations, autonomous vehicles.
  • Accurate enforcement via number plate identification : The platform allows enforcement via APIs, handheld terminals or scan cars as well as parking sensors

City scan powered by AICity scan powered by AI

It is not efficient to have sensors deployed in all the city though our customers would like to have a complete scan of parking availability. At Yazamtec we overcome this challenge with the Cityscan solution. We continuously use raw data with AI algorithmes and combined it with live parking events to have finaly an optimal accurate parking occupancy for the entire city.

Our solutions

We operate all over the world, under any secure IoT network Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT

ParkingHero AppParkingHero App

Empower the drivers to reach the best parking locations as fast and easy as possible

  • Plan your trip
  • Follow the guidance
  • Always reach a vacant parking spot on street



ParkingHero InsightsParkingHero Insights

Make every investment and enforcement decision matter

  • Monitor your entire city parking from one cockpit
  • Plan your enforcement based on predicted frauds
  • Dispatch your patrol to the exact locations at the right time


ParkingHero PortalParkingHero Portal

The only thing you need to do is to place our sensor on the ground, we automate all the rest!

  • Install and activate the parking sensors in less than 5 minutes
  • Monitor, configure and manage all your installed base
  • Detect and fix anomalies


ParkingHero SensorParkingHero Sensor

A surface-mounted smart parking sensor that communicates directly over the air with our Smart Flow Platform. Provides real-time parking data, accurate vehicle detection in parking spaces, 10 years of battery life even in the harshest environmental conditions.

  • Accurate sensing system for vehicle detection with intelligent algorithm to filter unwanted noise
  • Designed for ultra-low power consumption
  • Plug and play

ParkingHero VIPParkingHero VIP

Let your customers and visitors enjoy their parking experience

  • Get notified as soon as your visitors park their car
  • Make sure your customers always find where to park
  • Promote your business directly to parking seekers


ParkingHero DataParkingHero Data

We can help you transform your business with our unique, timely and accurate parking data.

  • Simplify your business decisions with powerful yet friendly to use reports
  • Access to both real time, historical and predictive insights
  • Integrate with secure APIs