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Saturnusstraat 14, Apollo14, unit 4.18

2516 AH

The Hague

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Saturnusstraat 14, Apollo14, unit 4.18

The Hague , 2516 AH

The Netherlands


Company information

Yazamtec is the most innovative company in fields of IoT smart parking, parking analytics based on AI, and parking digitalization leveraging blockchain technologies. Our headquarter is in The Hague, Netherlands. In the past three years, we grew from a national company to a global provider serving more than ten countries in the world. The deployment includes cities and corporate businesses such as Tallassee Florida off-street parking in the US, and EV parking in Rotterdam.

Our Mission

Because we value our clients’ business and want them to increase their parking revenue, we offer our customers the ParkingHero portfolio the most up-to-date and efficient smart parking technologies available in the market.

Our Vision

With our focus continually on increasing parking revenue for our customers, our Matrix blockchain-based solution for parking management, monetization, and enforcement, along with our growing global network of expert partners, we will become the number one leader of the intelligent parking industry.

Our Culture

We believe that having fun makes us more engaged and creative, but also everything we do we do it together.


Company information

Headquarters location Saturnusstraat 14, Apollo14, unit 4.18
2516 AH The Hague
The Netherlands
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