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ZenParking is a company that develops smart-parking solutions. The flagship of the company is the ZenParking smart parking system. It enables users to book their parking spot before arrival and to automatically charge users' credit cards upon stay duration. All this through the ZenParking IoT smart-parking device and ZenParking mobile App available on iOS and Android.

This system is based on the IoT smart-device that is mounted on the parking spot and guarantees the reservation. It is an all-in-one multifunctional device that performs the following roles:

  • ensures reservation
  • monitors parking session duration
  • can be controlled by authorized users
  • access control at a parking spot level

The device is battery powered and together with the software component makes the solution versatile and available for places where traditional parking barriers are not suitable.

The typical use cases are:

  • public parking lots
  • office buildings
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • museums
  • private owners

 ZenParking is a Microsoft Partner, a partnership to meet our customers' high-quality expectations.

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  • Mobile Apps
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