Senior Software Engineer - Python (Berlin, DE)

Senior Software Engineer - Python (Berlin, DE)

At EasyPark, we love cities. We love them for work, for play and everything in between. That’s why our vision is to make cities more livable! EasyPark Group is a global company and a true leader in its domain. There is a clear ambition to quickly grow in coverage and offer our services to more customers and partners.

About Us

Our small team is located in Berlin and mainly focuses on data creation for cities. City officials use this data to make informed decisions about zoning, pricing and more general planning of their derestrictions.

To this end we have been developing and operating a multitude of specialized hardware and software products, among which we provide:

  • Precise parking maps from high accuracy gps-video system
  • Parking pressure maps by querying hundreds of mobile iot devices mounted to various vehicle fleets

What Do We Have

With small exceptions the majority of our infrastructure and devices run on Linux+Python. We have hundreds of self designed and home built mobile scanning devices, which we develop, deploy, monitor and process. These scanners are usually mounted to taxis, have an on-board gps, distance measurement device, mobile data connection and processing unit and are used to access the current street occupation.

We also operate multiple map scanning units consisting of a high precision GPS, a high resolution camera and a tablet interface, all fitting into a suitcase. In combination with our flexible back office video annotation tool these are used to create centimeter precision feature maps providing, for example, location, kind and orientation of parking bays.

Our data is crunched and prepared by a set of processing pipelines which extract measurements; aggregate and model occupation distributions; and deliver data sets for consumption to our team’s and the company's visualization interfaces and dashboards.

What You Will Do

  • Help us expand our products to new countries and continents. We are established in many European countries and currently running pilots in North America
  • Develop new hardware-software products, from on-device over backend to delivery pipelines
  • Maintain, monitor, improve and harden existing infrastructure
  • Your background/qualifications
  • Technical background: (software) engineering, (computer) science, physics or similar
  • Multiple years of hands on experience
  • Familiarity with industry standard development tools: GIT, AWS/GCP/Azure, SSH
  • Good python knowledge
  • Good understanding of linux
  • Pragmatic problem solving and tool selection
  • Nice to have experience: Luigi, Pandas, Flask, Numpy

What Do We Offer

  • Flexible work time
  • Flexible work location (some time in the Berlin workshop required)
  • Interesting ever changing challenges in a wide variety of areas
  • Competitive compensation, benefits and vacation days
  • Nerdy, discussion happy colleagues who will always help
  • Workshop with many tinkering possibilities

Life at EasyPark

We are a values-driven company with an international culture and a global presence. By providing an environment with space to grow and room for autonomy, we believe in encouraging and supporting our team members to take initiatives and act outside of their comfort zone. To have an open mind and embracing change is a part of our DNA.

At EasyPark we are dedicated to maintaining an open culture where the voice of each person is heard, and we play as one team across the globe. Diversity is something we celebrate and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone

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