Backend Engineer (Evora, PT)

Backend Engineer (Evora, PT)

As a .NET Backend Engineer:

1. You work with frontend developers, product managers and other stakeholders to understand technical requirements and ensure seamless integration between frontend and backend
2. You ensure high code quality, including code reviews, unit tests and adherence to best practices for software development
3. The programming languages and tools we use for code writing:

  • • C# and SQL
  • • Rider/Visual Studio

4. You work with scalable and real-time applications

Time allocation

70% Software Development: Design, develop, test, and implement server-side logic and databases for the Stadsparkeren application.
30% Projects meetings such as daily standup, sprint review, sprint planning and retrospectives

Get to know the team:

As member of our ever growing and dynamic team you will be working on:
• Server logic: Handling data processing, business logic and server-side functionality
• Database management: Manage database schema, optimize queries and ensure data consistency, security and scalability
• Performance and scalability: Fine-tune server performance, implement caching strategies and design for horizontal scalability to handle increased user loads

 We are looking for:

• Someone who is eager to learn
• An expert in developing backend for large scale systems
• Strong problem solving skills and the ability to tackle complex challenges
• A team player and a mentor
• Someone who help the company grow and who will grow with the company

We offer:

• A competitive salary


• Education: A degree in computer science, computer science or a related field
• Programming languages: Extensive experience with programming languages such C#, Java or similar
• Frameworks and tools: .NET Core and .NET Framework
• Databases: Experience with both relational databases (i.e. SQL Server) and NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB, Redis)
• Architecture Patterns: Understanding of different architecture patterns such as microservices, serverless and monolithic architectures
• System administration: Basic knowledge of system administration and server configuration in cloud environments such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

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