Parkeon: We are looking for Quality, Innovation and Speed


Parkeon Human Resources

Quality, Innovation and Speed are the principles that our HR policies are based on:

Quality: for us, this is about providing client satisfaction; for you, this is your chance to showcase your skills in a progressive working environment.
Innovation: for us, this is about coming up with inventive ideas to help reduce congestion in towns; for you, this is about working with the latest technology and unleashing your creative side.
Speed: For both us and you, this is about being one step ahead at all times!

A company of international proportions

Parkeon employs a multinational workforce of more than 1,000 employees who are based at our sites all over the world. Parkeon has been largely active in Western Europe and the US, we are now quickly making our way not only into the markets of Australia, Saudi Arabia and Russia, but also into emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, India, Brazil and more.

The company, now more than ever, needs to establish a network of international profiles and embrace cultural diversity.

A company committed to innovation

The sustainability of our company depends on its ability to innovate in all technologies such as remotely controlled infrastructures, new info-mobility tools and multimodal platforms.

Not only must our 350 engineers adopt this mindset, but so must the professionals working in the sales, marketing, purchasing and production departments… Because innovation is not merely a matter of technology, it is the driving force behind our company as a whole.

A company geared towards its clients

Parkeon focuses on relieving congestion in urban areas, tackling the problem of pollution, managing parking operations, encouraging the use of smart modes of transportation and investing in equipment for long-term performance… Our solutions are designed with the idea to simplify the everyday lives of local residents and enabling our clients to overcome any obstacles they may face.

All our teams are committed to helping fulfill client’s ambitions and guarantee a maximum quality of service, which is the promise of our competitiveness.

We are looking for the following particular profiles

  • Sales & Marketing Experts
  • Managers/Project Managers and Project Engineers/Client Engagement Manager
  • R&D Engineers/Architects
  • Payment Specialists
  • Supply Chain Specialists
  • Production Technicians
  • Professional individuals to work in the finance, HR, ADV, QHSE and IT departments.
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