Beat That Parking Ticket: A Complete Guide for New York City

Gravel Press, 1st edition (Paperback, November 22, 2006)
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Haskell Nussbaum
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Paperback: 208 pages Language: English Beat That Parking Ticket is your complete reference guide for fighting tickets, whether by mail, web, or in person. Former parking ticket judge Haskell Nussbaum reveals the secrets of how to get your parking tickets thrown out in this informative and entertaining work. You will discover: * Why some excuses never work -- even if they're true. * When you should mail in your defense -- and when to go in person. * The ins and outs of confusing signs -- and what judges think about them. * What to avoid saying or doing at any cost. * How to appeal a losing ticket most effectively. * How to spot defective tickets -- and get off on a technicality. * What judges think about parking tickets fought by online brokers. * Outrageous and hilarious stories from "behind the bench." And much, much more. Haskell Nussbaum is an attorney and a freelance writer who worked as a parking ticket judge in New York City. While there, he adjudicated thousands of tickets and collected stories and insights from many judges, to make this volume the most comprehensive behind-the-scenes guide to fighting parking tickets.