Shared Parking - Second Edition

Urban Land Institute, 2nd edition (Paperback, November 1, 2005)
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Mary S. Smith
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Thoroughly updated and based on all new data, the new edition of this highly respected book contains the information you need to accurately estimate parking requirements for a mixed-use setting where parking is shared among the uses. Based on widely accepted methodology, the study now includes new parking ratios that take into account trends in visits to restaurants and cineplexes, and shopping and office trips. A thorough discussion of the methodology, findings, and derivation of these values provides a solid foundation for the validity of shared parking and the number of spaces recommended for various land use mixes. Highlights: * Experiment with different mixes of office, retail, hotel, restaurant, and residential space to determine the appropriate number of parking spaces. * Find the balance between providing adequate parking to support a development from a commercial viewpoint, and avoiding excessive costs and storm drainage impacts. * Explore case studies of notable projects that implemented shared parking. * Study a discussion of the design, operation, and management of shared parking.