The Architecture of Parking

Thames & Hudson (Paperback, May 25, 2009)
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Simon Henley. Henley is principal of the award-winning, London-based architecture firm Buschow Henley.
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Since the invention of the car, the buildings that house them have been a source of inspiration and consternation to architects. Although many dreary car parks and garages do exist, the challenge of efficiently housing a maximum number of cars in a well-designed space has attracted a stellar array of contemporary architects. From the classic circular Marina City tower in Chicago to the Parcheggio Nuovo Salario under construction in Rome, from Frank Gehry to Rem Koolhaas to Zaha Hadid, the form and function of the parking garage have been hugely influential not only on contemporary architects but also on popular culture. This book is at once a survey of the finest examples of parking garages and a presentation of exciting and innovative design. An introduction covers the history and architectural significance of these buildings and their relevance today, and is followed by chapters that define the most influential aspects of parking design: elevations, materials, the use of light, and innovation and experimentation.