3 Parking Spot sites recognized by Green Parking Council for environmentally sound technologies & practices

Hartford, CT- The Green Parking Council (GPC) has recognized The Parking Spot as an industry leader for its commitment to environmentally-responsible parking technologies and practices. The three facilities achieving Demonstrator Site recognition are The Parking Spot Century and The Parking Spot Sepulveda in Los Angeles, California and The Parking Spot St. Louis in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Parking Spot’s nation-wide Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) shuttle-bus program has been the pillar of the organization’s sustainability efforts. CNG is a clean fuel alternative reducing harmful emissions by as much as 80% in comparison to gasoline and diesel vehicles as well as offering substantial fuel cost savings. The Parking Spot has outfitted 30% of its fleet with CNG technology. These shuttles, coupled with a no-idling vehicle policy distinguish The Parking Spot as a paragon of efficient shuttling practices.

“The Demonstrator Site Program is a great way for parking facility owners and operators to share their sustainable initiatives with others in the industry,” explains Paul Wessel, Executive Director of the Green Parking Council. “The Parking Spot’s CNG shuttling program is a great model of a sustainable program that makes economic sense. Other facility owners and operators will definitely learn from the experience of The Parking Spot and may adopt similar shuttling initiatives.”

The Demonstrator Site Program is an evaluative tool initiating the process towards Green Garage Certification. Owners or operators who are seeking information on where their facilities stand in terms of sustainability can apply to the Green Parking Council for demonstrator site status. Once entered into the program, an owner or operator is provided information addressing how “green” their facility is and what steps can be taken to become more sustainable.

The Parking Spot has implemented a series of green parking practices at individual locations in fulfillment of a company-wide effort to improve energy efficiencies and reduce fuel consumption. Involvement in the Demonstrator Site Program reflects a long-term commitment by The Parking Spot to leverage their operations, creativity, and ingenuity in an endeavor to shift transportation infrastructure towards environmentally responsible practices and long-term sustainability.

A closer look at The Parking Spot’s facilities illustrates their innovative approach to green parking:

  1. The Parking Spot Century (Los Angeles, CA): The 2,533 space Century parking structure serving Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) runs its Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) shuttle buses approximately every five to seven minutes. Parking amenities include covered, open-air, and valet parking in addition to car wash, tire inflation, and detail services. The parking structure reduces its energy consumption with mechanical systems controls for ventilation and lighting. In addition, its in-house carwash service recycles water waste. Future initiatives include retrofitting the garage in 2013 with energy efficient light systems (LED or HO T8) and shuttle bus refurbishment to extend the life of the vehicles.
  2. The Parking Spot Sepulveda (Los Angeles, CA): The Los Angeles Sepulveda structure offers 2,081 parking spaces within a half-mile of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). A fleet of CNG shuttle busses run every few minutes, allowing guests to easily travel between airport and garage. To reduce energy consumption, the facility has been outfitted with timer-operated T5 fluorescent lighting fixtures as well as roof-mounted photocells to monitor daylight and adjust lighting systems automatically. Air quality is maintained by automatic facility ventilation systems utilizing CO/CO 2 sensors. Cleaning, fire- control, and HVAC systems have all been approved and meet environmentally-safe criteria.
  3. The Parking Spot St. Louis (St. Louis, MO): Akin to its sister units nationwide, the 2,574 spaces serving Lambert St. Louis International Airport at The Parking Spot St. Louis feature covered, open-air, and valet parking along with shuttling services to and from the airport. The lighting system utilizes photocells on the facility roof and in other locations throughout the complex. Fire suppression, cleaning, and HVAC systems all meet environmentally-safe criteria. Freedom water-less car wash services are available to patrons as well as a mobile tire-inflation station. Smooth traffic flow is supported by automated payment options, three available exits, bi-directional lanes, and valet services.

About The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot is the leading near-airport parking provider in the United States, featuring 37 facilities and servicing 24 airports. Offering a variety of amenities from fast, friendly shuttles to a generous rewards program, The Parking Spot delivers a high-level of service to their patrons. As a Gold Level Launch Partner, the Parking Spot approaches the environment with the same level of care and dedication as it does its customers. With a variety of green practices already in place, the Parking Spot’s future plans continue to outline their efforts towards increasing their sustainability.

About Green Parking Council

The Green Parking Council (GPC) is a not-for-profit organization providing leadership and oversight for the green conversion of parking facilities to sustainable, environmentally responsible assets. GPC is dedicated to expanding green parking practices and environmental services through its Certifi

ed Green Garage rating system. GPC encourages new, alternative parking practices and exceptional industry transformation through creative thought and ingenuity. By challenging garage owners and managers to collaborate and create open-sourced, sustainable best practices, the parking industry can positively impact the environment.



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