6sense Innovations Is in the Centre of Avarn Security’s Camera Surveillance Solutions

Avarn & 6sense work together for the AI of video surveillance

There are many different security systems, devices, and applications available today. Among the multitude of systems, it may be challenging to select one that is reliable and of high quality. Avarn Security offers top-of-the-line security solutions to address customer needs.

6sense Innovations has developed a scalable software platform that allows cost-effective implementation of both traditional video surveillance and other applications utilizing machine vision. The platform can be supplemented with any type of surveillance camera and recording device. It uses modern AI algorithms which recognize specific things from the image stream. It also performs set procedures automatically.

Avarn & 6sense Work Together for the AI of Video Surveillance

Avarn Security and 6sense Innovations have signed a deal spanning several years and aiming to bring the camera and hardware-independent machine vision solutions integral to security services and available for all customers.

Mika Peippo, the Director of business operations at Avarn Security, sees 6sense Innovations as an important partner in the camera surveillance solutions sector. “6sense understands customer needs and can develop services from both a technical and a business point of view. Our partnership will be producing new AI and machine learning solutions in the future,” says Mika Peippo.

Jussi Mäkinen, the CEO of 6sense Innovations, is confident that teaming up with Avarn Security will be mutually beneficial. Jussi Mäkinen: “Working with Avarn Security is especially interesting because they can challenge traditional ways of doing things. They are very broad-minded in looking for new solutions to benefit customers. Positively oriented, fast-paced teamwork and mutual respect are the cornerstones of successful cooperation.”

Savings and Reliability with Technologically Capable Cloud Service

6sense have proven their technical prowess to Avarn Security. Universal Connectivity enables the addition of existing cameras and recorders as part of customers’ security technology system. Implementation costs are lower because Universal Connectivity eliminates the need to invest in new cameras unless necessary.

Video cameras are the least utilized devices within organizations. When implemented correctly, rapidly evolving vision technology opens endless possibilities for adding value to the service. The key thing is the ability to harness the power of all the cameras to address different needs in the company. Software is scalable but hardware is not. Making the assets widely available benefits the business long into the future.” says Jussi Mäkinen, the CEO of 6sense Innovation.

Modern cloud-based services are making their way into the security branch. As a cloud service, 6sense offers savings and security to the customer. It has also facilitated the incorporation of 6sense solutions as part of the cloud service ecosystem of Avarn Security.

“The transition from the manual world into a public cloud where self-learning and highly automated systems operate may sound futuristic, but it is just this sector where we are leading the way”, says Mäkinen.

Mika Peippo says that the race is on in the security technology sector: “AI is a broad term, and it is interesting to see how technological capabilities based on Ai have evolved. The application of new technologies and bringing them into practice will be integral. That will determine how new solutions are created to address customers’ business needs.”

6sense Innovations Ltd About 6sense Innovations

At 6sense we believe that everything that matters can be observed and analysed with computer vision and every observation can be turned into business value. For the past 20+ years, we have been developing services and core enablers to help our customers improve performance in their operations through machine-based detection and intelligent decision making.


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