Dekra and 6sense - Maximizing the Potential of CCTV Systems

Maximizing the Potential of CCTV Systems

Until recently, CCTV has not been utilized in the production industry. Camera systems are subordinated to security-related monitoring or possibly to control the aspect of a specific process. In cooperation with 6sense, Dekra wants to challenge companies to think more broadly. It may no longer be necessary to send a person to the site if different operators have an integrated system and thus access to the same view.

Much routine work can be done with cameras, although humans always make the final decisions. As a whole, the quality of work improves when machine vision takes care of tasks that are burdensome for humans, Dekra’s digitalization director Eero Sutinen describes.

The Right Information, At the Right Time

Dekra’s VALTO360° is a virtual operation and reporting tool developed for documenting and monitoring work in the production industry. It gathers the customer’s information scattered in different systems and directories in one place. Among the uses of the information collected are sharing real-time information, controlling and monitoring operational work, and sharing location information.

VALTO360° does not replace a company’s information system but enhances it. VALTO360° collects information from systems managed by companies and organizations in one visual user interface. The gathered information is filtered and presented clearly according to the user’s needs, from the company’s management to the subcontractors. The service is available on all familiar terminals and browsers.

VALTO360° is a heterogeneous platform that easily integrates with existing systems. It is a simple tool, but offers users opportunities for a wide range of applications, sums up Sutinen.

The 6sense platform is integrated into the VALTO360° tool. Thanks to this, through VALTO360°, customers can view their premises through live video feed(s) offsite.

When Data Alone Is Not Enough

Until now, VALTO360° has been based mainly on static data acquisition, i.e. measuring and checking. IoT brings with it a lot of new things, as countless devices and parts are capable of producing data today.

However, it does not mean that data automatically becomes a management tool. It is necessary, for example, to compile data from cameras, valves, and electric motors into a format that is accessible to the owner. We have set out to solve this issue with VALTO, says Sutinen.

In the future, alongside the compilation of data, different analyzes can be brought using machine vision and artificial intelligence. Throughput and queuing times, the proportion of errors, and the frequency of deviations and dangerous situations are examples of analyzes produced by machine vision. Machine vision has many use cases, for example, industries that record and track movement.

Independence Brings Security

Although the coronavirus pandemic has presented countless challenges, it has contributed to companies’ willingness to adopt various remote solutions. VALTO360°’s value was also demonstrated during the pandemic when people couldn’t travel to sites.

In the development work of the VALTO360° tool, we want to listen to customers’ needs with a sensitive ear. There is a clear need in the market for an independent party that is not selling valves, bearings, or cameras. System and brand independence are important business development principles for both Dekra and 6sense.

"The 6sense platform supports thousands of camera models, including the most common exposure camera brands. If anything, this is an excellent example of brand independence'', says Jussi Mäkinen, CEO of 6sense Innovations.

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At 6sense we believe that everything that matters can be observed and analyzed with computer vision and every observation can be turned into business value. For the past 20+ years, we have been developing services and core enablers to help our customers improve performance in their operations through machine-based detection and intelligent decision-making.


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