APCOA & Emoby - City Parking Becomes a Sustainable Micro-Mobility Hub

Innovation at the service of the citizen through the project launched between APCOA PARKING and Emoby, a new breath for urban areas.

- Rimini
Park your car comfortably and use an e-bike to travel within the areas urban areas, limting car traffic and reducing congestion and pollution.

The Project presented at K.EY – The Energy Transition Expo in Rimini, an international showcase of technologies and integrated solutions and services to support the energy transition, towards a carbon-neutral economy.

An important Italian project has kicked off for the development of e-bike sharing infrastructures stationed within a network of car parks located in the main cities of the peninsula. The initiative is the result of an agreement between APCOA PARKING Italia, a leading operator of parking services in Italy and in Europe, and Emoby, an all-Italian excellence in sustainable mobility, which creates advanced solutions in MaaS logic and innovative automated systems for rental and recharging, especially by induction, of electric micro-mobility devices, in particular for e-bikes and mobility scooters.

For APCOA PARKING Italia, the project is part of the "APCOA URBAN HUBS"  program, which, at Group level throughout Europe, aims to enhance its parking facilities as an urban hub in favor of the development of sustainable mobility, focusing on inter-modality, electrification, micro-logistics and the application of digitized technologies and services.

For Emoby, the initiative is part of the broader "Park&Move®" project already launched before the pandemic in collaboration with Skidata and Asja Ambiente Italia and plans to develop a shared model of Parking Facility with strong added value to be applied to the main car parks managed by APCOA PARKING Italy.

By means of the installation and operation of physical and digital infrastructures consisting mainly of e-bikes and mobility scooters governed by a 100% Italian software platform, the user will therefore be able to park his car comfortably and use an e-bike to travel within the areas urban areas, including those with limited traffic or in historic centers, with a vehicle dedicated to him for the entire period of his stay in the city, thus limiting car traffic in these areas and reducing congestion and pollution. For users with motor impairments, automated stations are also provided for sharing electric Mobility Scooters, a unique system in the world, which allows you to move freely wherever a pedestrian may pass, with an autonomy of over 50 km. The entire service will originally be accompanied by the Asja-CO2 Zero Emissions Label which will certify the amount of certified carbon credits canceled for the compensation of CO2 emissions defined on the basis of the infrastructure created.

image of an e-bike from the collaboration between APCOA Italy and EmobyWe are particularly pleased to be able to develop this sustainable mobility project in partnership with a company in the sector such as Emoby, which actively contributes to the reduction of traffic within cities and offers an innovative, simple, and intuitive service to our customers. For some time now, the APCOA PARKING Group has been committed to transforming our infrastructures into real Urban Hubs, anticipating the change taking place in the way we travel and park our cars. All the projects we are implementing at European level, such as EVC stations, logistics services, alternative mobility, and digital services, aim to include services and technologies in our car parks that allow users to take advantage of innovative, responsible, and sustainable mobility. This initiative allows us to take a further step forward to contribute to the sustainability of actions towards the community, in compliance with the ESG principles that we have adopted in our daily actions.” Declares Andrea Grassi, Commercial Director of APCOA PARKING Italia.

Cristina La Marca, General Manager of Moby Health, owner of the Emoby brand, explains "Emoby products, e-bikes, MTBs, delivery, kick scooters, mobility scooters, scooters, ... and automated stations solutions for self-service rental and electric recharging of these devices have been developed with particular attention to the creation of innovative services for urban mobility and tourism. Parking places are the optimal hub for the integration of sustainable and inclusive mobility services. I proudly point out that our system, unique in the world, also satisfies the need for mobility of people with mobility impairments who will be able to book a mobility scooter together with the stop, to be collected at the Emoby Tour automatic station installed in the car park. This project is the result of an important teamwork with the partners Park&Move, Skidata and Asja Ambiente Italia, during the years of the pandemic. APCOA PARKING Italia immediately shared our vision and wanted to give national coverage to the initiative which will be sure to be successful.

"Our shared project with APCOA PARKING Italia has been in the making for several months which served to prepare the initiative in detail, the public announcement therefore coincides with the actual departure and we can announce it right here at K.EY Energy 2023, an international schedule organized in the midst of the energy and environmental transition, gives it an even stronger value. For years we have invested, as a company, in the research and development of new systems and products to support electric mobility, we have registered numerous patents and we have not stopped even in the pandemic moments that have upset the methods of use of transport systems and blocked the economy. Having the possibility of transforming parking areas into intelligent hubs for shared sustainable mobility has always been in our programs, now with APCOA PARKING Italia we are sure that we can start an important initiative for the well-being of citizens and for the improvement of our cities " concludes Roberto Minerdo President of Emoby.

Present at the presentation of the project was Tommaso Cassata, CEO of Asja Ambiente Italia who underlined the importance of the agreement between two market leaders such as Emoby and Apcoa, and granted that every activity envisaged in the agreement will be "Zero Emissions" thanks to the credits of certified carbon produced by your company.


APCOA PARKING Group is Europe's leading parking operator with 50 years of industry expertise. With its 4,700 employees, the company manages more than 1.7 million individual parking spaces at over 12,000 locations. These parking spaces are all situated in the proximity of 70% of the population of APCOAs 13 countries' organizations. With its consistent "asset-light" business model, APCOA is the trusted partner that maximizes value for private and public real estate owners

Via its open digital platform APCOA FLOW, the company connects on-street and off-street car parks with clients, partners, customers, and their vehicles. Based on this technology, APCOA is transforming its car parks into Urban Hubs, providing the physical and digital infrastructure for mobility, logistics, e-charging, and technology-based services. Customers profit from innovative and convenient experiences provided by APCOA and its partners which use the car parks to deliver their services. The environment also benefits as the company actively contributes to the reduction of emissions in cities by decreasing the volume of traffic for logistics and searching for parking. By connecting parking, mobility, and services for urban life, APCOA is positioned to be an integral part of the digital and physical urban ecosystem.


APCOA PARKING Italia S.p.A., the market leader, manages a portfolio of 150 car parks and articulated parking areas, distributed throughout the national territory (in 35 cities), with a volume of approximately 91,000 parking spaces and an annual turnover achieved during the 2022 of over 63 million euros. APCOA PARKING Italia is part of the European APCOA PARKING group, a leading operator in the sector with over 50 years of experience, with headquarters in Stuttgart. APCOA PARKING (www.apcoa.com) with 5,500 employees, manages over 1.8 million parking spaces in Europe and 12,000 parking spaces in 13 European countries Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Ireland. https://www.apcoa.it/ https://urban-hubs.apcoa.it

About EMOBY S.r.l.

EMOBY S.r.l. is the company that in the interest of Moby Health Srl, owner of the homonymous registered trademark Emoby ®, creates strategic partnerships for the promotion of the brand. Emoby One is the 100% Italian software platform, excellence in sustainable mobility, which creates advanced solutions in MaaS logic. “Emoby One EWDS” is the patented solution for self-service rental with automatic stations and multi-device electric charging by “induction”. “Virtual Dock Emoby” is the solution for free-flowing fleets with automatic GPS inaccuracy correction. “Emoby Tour” is the only stationary system in the world for the self-service rental of mobility scooters. All ZERO EMISSIONS with Asja-CO2 certified Carbon Credits. Emoby boasts a fleet of over 1000 station/e-bike modules in Italy. Emoby products are currently marketed in the USA, Costa Rica, Chile, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Croatia. https://www.emoby.eu


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