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APCOA PARKING becomes APCOA. This change of name, which took effect on 14 December 2023, is accompanied by a further development of the company's strategy.

Going forward the company will deliver services across four distinct business lines - "Parking", "Charging", "Technology" and "Urban Solutions". These business lines are unique in their combination in the market and complement each other. Supported by this new strategy, APCOA intends to continue to shape the future of parking and to maximize the generated value of every parking space.

Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA, says: "We are now embarking on the next step in the implementation of our long-term growth strategy. The combination of our four business lines will ensure that we will maximise the use of our parking infrastructure and the urban space it occupies - in the interests of the owners of the respective parking spaces, the users of our services and urban society in general. In this way, we intend to contribute to a sustainable future of mobility."

"Parking" continues to form the foundation of the business of APCOA, which has been established for over 50 years. As Europe's leading parking operator, the Group manages more than 1.8 million individual parking spaces at 13,000 locations in 13 European countries. The company has more than doubled its portfolio in the last 10 years. By 2025 APCOA aims to exceed revenues to 1 billion euros.

In terms of the business line "Charging" APCOA invests in infrastructure for electric cars and operates them as charge point operator (CPO). APCOA has to date installed 4,000 charging points in Europe, including 3,000 since the beginning of 2023 alone. The company aims to operate a total of 100,000 charging points by 2035. The overall consumer proposition is enriched by high performance charging points, which are installed at APCOA locations across Europe by industry leading partners such as Tesla, BP, Ionity and Mer.

"Technology" encompasses digital platforms for new products and interfaces for the integration of third-party companies and their services. These include the consumer apps APCOA FLOW and APCOA Connect. Both platforms simplify the parking process in car parks. For example, the barrier opens automatically at the entrance and exit - and payment is just as timesaving via the app. Collectively, the APCOA apps already have over 8 million registered users.

The "Urban Solutions" business line focuses on the transformation of car parks into so-called "urban hubs". With these hubs, APCOA opens up car parks for multifunctional use, providing a physical and digital infrastructure for the implementation of smart cities. For example, the car parks can be used as urban fulfillment centers for city logistics, warehousing, and distribution services. APCOA already offers 30 of such city logistics hubs and an additional 300 parcel collection locations - with a further 180 in the pipeline. In addition, the urban hubs already serve as hubs for modern mobility at more than 200 locations - including car hire, car and ride sharing, micro mobility and intermodal transport. By integrating new technologies and proximity services, APCOA can also use the car parks with its platform and extensive infrastructure network for other applications.

Together, these four business lines allow APCOA to realize the full potential of any parking spaces under its management. This benefits the owners of the parking spaces, anyone looking to utilize the services from APCOA and the general public.


APCOA is Europe's leading parking operator with more than 50 years of industry expertise. With its 5,000 employees, the Group manages more than 1.8 million individual parking spaces at 13,000 locations in 13 European countries. The company is active in the areas of parking, charging, technologies and urban solutions.

Via its open digital platform, APCOA FLOW, the company connects on-street and off-street car parks with owners, partners, customers and their vehicles. Backed by this technology, APCOA is transforming its car parks into urban hubs, creating the physical and digital infrastructure for mobility, logistics, EV charging and a wide range of innovative services that enable a more convenient mobility experience.

The environment also benefits: the company actively contributes to the reduction of emissions in cities by decreasing the volume of logistics traffic and vehicles searching for parking. By connecting parking, mobility, and proximity services for urban living, APCOA is positioned to become an integral part of the digital and physical Smart City ecosystem.


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