APCOA: Update of the Paid Parking Plan of the Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni

It will be possible to request the new PASSes and season tickets starting 18 May 2023 at the dedicated website or at the APCOA office.

The new features of the Paid Parking Plan of Sesto San Giovanni, managed by APCOA Parking Italia S.p.A., the leading company in parking services in Italy and in Europe, will come into force on 1 June 2023. of the Municipality's tender for the concession of the service until 2027.

In collaboration with the City Council, a series of changes were approved that take into account the requests of the citizens, the control of flows, and the evolution of the traffic.

The changes will include the redistribution 500 paid parking spaces, a new pass reserved for residents in an area other than that of residence, new discounted rates near intermodal hubs, and a reduced daily rate in the High Rotation FS area. In order to cater to the diverse needs of different users (residents, domiciled individuals, workers, occasional/commuters), the changes implemented include differentiating parking options (such as on-road parking with a parking meter or in structured parking facilities), considering the traffic patterns in specific zones during different times of the day and week. Additionally, parking disc zones have been established, offering an exemption for area pass holders.

The changes to the parking plan are as follows:

  • A new "Working/Domiciled Residents Pass" has been introduced, priced at €48.00 per year (or €4.00 per month). This pass enables residents of Sesto San Giovanni, even if they reside outside the designated 4 areas (Marelli, Rondò, railway station, and M5), but have a significant connection to any of those areas (such as work or home), to enjoy unrestricted parking on the blue lines within their chosen area. The parking rate applicable in this case is "B - Protection Residents"
  • 66 new paid parking spaces, in addition to the "buffer zones" already introduced in September 2022.
  • Relocation of approximately 500 underused B-fare blue parking spaces to areas with greater parking demand.
  • Introduction of new parking disc zones within paid parking areas (30 minutes from 7:30 to 19:30) where residents with an area pass will have an exemption from the parking time limit. In this way, the protection remains for the residents but the occasional user is also allowed to park freely, albeit for a limited period of half an hour.
  • A new daily rate and subsidized subscription called "A2 - Attestation"  has been introduced in the three main areas (Marelli, Rondò, and FS). This option is specifically designed for commuters and offers a maximum daily rate of €4.00 and a monthly season ticket priced at €40.00. The aim is to encourage commuters to utilize these areas, which are currently underutilized by residents, thereby reducing the use of unregulated parking spaces just outside the blue lines. It's worth noting that in these A2 tariff zones, as well as in the B tariff stalls, the Resident Pass of residents in the area will also remain valid.
  • Modification of the paid parking hours on the street of all the tariff zones (and therefore of the validity of the Resident Passes) in line with the AREA B timetables of Milan (7:30 - 19:30), this allows greater protection of parking residents during these times.
  • Revision of the payment times for parking in the structure (Marelli, underground Resistance and FS Interchange car parks) with an extension of the service and payment to 24/7 every day of the week, with the introduction of a maximum rate of €12 per day in the underground car park of resistance square.

And specifically of the three major ZPRUs:

  • ZPRU Marelli: changes to blue rest areas in viale Edison and qt. Victory and introduction of new parking discs; new preferential zone at the “A2 - Attestation” rate at €4 per day (quadrilateral Edison-Oberdan-Italia-Isonzo, Edison B.Center and Edison crossroads) and extension to the afternoon hours of rate A – Marelli interchange (7:30-19:30) due to the times of the ZTL AREA B of Milan.
  • ZPRU Rondò: via Curiel and viale Marelli will switch to blue stripes, the parking space between Spazio Arte and Poste will return to white stripes, albeit regulated in parking times with a parking disc, with an exemption for Ambito Rondò resident pass holders. Lengthening of via Battisti and via Risorgimento stalls at the end of viale Matteotti/Baracca dedicated to blue parking with protection for residents; new tariff zones A2 at 4€ per day (Via Rovani / Via Nazaro sauro and Piazza XXV Aprile car park).
  • ZPRU Sesto FS: introduction of new parking disc zones, new A2 tariff zone in via Montegrappa, for commuter parking (€4.00 per day - €40 per month - €440 per year) and new maximum daily rate in the High Rotation area FS (reduced from €15 to €6 per day); extension of the validity of the FS Interchange season tickets (at a cost of €60 a month and €660 a year) also at the FS Alta Rotazione car park, in order to deal with the numerous requests for subsidized season tickets.

It will be possible to request the new PASSes and season tickets starting 18 May 2023 at the dedicated website or at the APCOA office (see below for contact details).

APCOA Office and Contacts (FROM 01.06.2023)

  • Monday - Friday 06:00 • 18:00 | Saturday 08:00 • 14:00

C/O Piazza 1st May 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

By appointment only:

  • Monday - Friday 18:00 • 20:00 | Saturday 14:00 • 17:00

Website for Passes and Subscriptions:

at the address: pass.brav.it/sestosangiovanni/frontoffice


ssg.sestopark@apcoa.it (for general information)

pass.sesto@apcoa.it (appointment bookings for the purchase of PASSes/Season Tickets)

Call Center* (Active 24h 365 days a year)

Toll-free number 800121001 (free from a landline)

From the mobile network 0376.345150 (for a fee at the cost set by your tariff plan)

*Outside office hours, it is active with an auto responder thanks to the support of the APCOA remote control panel.

For all the updated information, details of the toll roads with relative tariffs, of the parking areas for PASSes/Passes, of the ZPRUs for the reductions for Passes in the structure, consult the page of the City of Sesto San Giovanni at the address: www. apcoa.it/sestosangiovanni

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