8 reasons to use architectural mesh for car parks

Photo: Scott McDonald © Hedrich Blessing Courtesy of Elliott + Associates Architects

When somebody talks about a multi-storey car park, what images generally come to mind? Something cold, dark and depressing? Let’s be honest, car parks are generally not the most pleasant places in the world. Built for function, car parks of the past are often buildings made of steel and concrete – many of them bleak and gloomy.

The question is how can you realize parking garages with a feeling of openness and light flooded floors? The Answer: Architectural Wire Mesh.

Architectural Wire Mesh is an excellent contemporary material that offers high aesthetic appearance coupled with excellent technical qualities for your car park:

Natural Ventilationtransparency of architectural mesh

Architectural mesh is light, durable and transparent, providing an array of benefits for parking facilities. The transparency of architectural mesh allows it to act as a natural ventilation system. By utilizing architectural mesh on the façade of your parking facility, you can eliminate the need for costly HVAC systems, which will not only reduce energy costs but also have a positive environmental impact. Additionally, the openness of the mesh allows an abundance of natural light and air to flow through the parking facility, allowing car emissions to be dispersed outside the car park and improving air quality in the space. Architectural mesh can also lessen the cost of a fire protection system.

Weather Protection

From harsh snow to dry desert heat or high winds, architectural mesh facades on your parking garage are suitable for any weather conditions. Stainless steel mesh acts as an efficient and cost effective barrier to weather conditions around the world.

Fall Protection

Made from high quality stainless steel, woven architectural mesh is incredibly strong, rigid and durable, delivering extra protection from personal injury. Full-height tensioned mesh panels act as a protective shield from falls. Additionally, mesh railings in other areas of your parking garage can add an extra level of safety and fall protection.

Sun Protection

Architectural mesh offers effective sun protection to car parks. The horizontal wires of the mesh façade act as a light barrier, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within the parking garage.

Environmental Responsibility

Stainless steel has an average recycled content of at least 60 percent and is 100 percent recyclable at end of use. By using architectural metal mesh not only are you getting a custom car park detailed to your specifications, you are also increasing the sustainability of your building.

Low Maintenance - Easy Installation

Architectural wire mesh comes ready to install with complete and easy-to-follow instructions. We provide unique engineering support and calculations for each project based on your necessary requirements and offer onsite assistance to eliminate risk. The mesh panels arrive with all required hardware, helping simplify the installation process. Once installed, stainless steel architectural mesh facades require little to no maintenance.

Cost Effective

Mesh façade panels can be tensioned over the full height of your parking garage. This means that only a solid substructure is required at the top and bottom mounting points of your parking garage. The different levels of your car park require an intermediate tube to absorb horizontal loads. The costs of this substructure and installation are significantly lower compared to framed façade material solutions.

Unique Aesthetic

HAVER Architectural Mesh can meet your aesthetic and functional needs. With a wide variety of mesh patterns and the ability to paint images onto the mesh itself, your parking garage is made completely custom to your specification and is 100 percent unique to your application. With Architectural Mesh you can create a car park that no longer looks like a typical car park. Media Facades and illuminated mesh facades light up car parks into dynamic and colorful light envelopes and turn them into a place of modern communication. With the transparent media façade IMAGIC WEAVE® facades of parking garages become a medial eye-catcher, which can be used for advertisement.

architectural mesh for car parks


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James Florentine
Very thoroughly enjoyed this article and could not agree more on the idea of using wire mesh and decking material . How big of an opening are we talking about? Would you consider something like the welded 2x2 .063” wire mesh I see here – ( www.bwire.com )– the one thing I worry about when it comes to this material is areas with high winds. I have been in parking decks and garages, high in the air, in the upper levels when the wind is so strong that it can rip the mirrors of cars right off. I don’t think the mesh material will do a good job blocking this wind and protecting its insides….

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